Lisan Al Gaib memes go viral thanks to Dune 2's 'Stilgar's Stare'

5 March 2024, 14:55

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

"That’s exactly how the Lisan Al Gaib would sneeze."

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Dune: Part Two has only been out in cinemas for a few days and it's already eating the box office UP. Led by Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya, with Florence Pugh and Austin Butler joining the cast in two key roles, Dune: Part Two is currently the main character of X/Twitter right now.

The first film gave us a plentiful meme harvest, including everything from the Shrek "What you DUNE in ma swamp?!" poster remake to the Leto Atreides/Poe Dameron comparisons and everything in between. Dune: Part Two memes are now coming in thick and fast.

But one meme in particular has now emerged as The Chosen One, and it's all thanks to Javier Bardem's performance as the number one Paul Atreides stan Stilgar. Behold, the Stilgar 'Lisan Al Gaib' stare.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Dune: Part Two.

Lisan Al Gaib memes are going viral thanks to Stilgar's Stare
Lisan Al Gaib memes are going viral thanks to Stilgar's Stare. Picture: Warner Bros. Pictures

What is the Lisan Al Gaib? Dune 2's prophecy (briefly) explained

A key focus of Dune: Part Two is the prophecy of the Lisan Al Gaib, and how it applies to Paul Atreides.

The Lisan Al Gaib is a messianic, off-world figure who will save the people of Arrakis. Paul is set up as this figure, and the Fremen believe he is the one, particularly Stilgar. However, he was not actually destined to become the Lisan al Gaib. He was placed on the path by his mother, Lady Jessica, who made it so that he would become Lisan Al Gaib, or Kwisatz Haderach, as the Bene Gesserit call him.

Stilgar wholeheartedly believes that Paul is The One (He has the power of the Voice! He can navigate the deserts of Arrakis!) and he often looks past several red flags that might raise concerns in others. As a result, the internet has turned Javier Bardem's "Stilgar Stare" into a hilarious meme.

Paul drinking? That is sooo Lisan Al Gaib! Paul opening a pickle jar? Lisan Al Gaib! Paul sneezing? Exactly how the Lisan Al Gaib would do it!

I, too, am now a believer in the Paul Atreides Lisan Al Gaib agenda.

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