Dove Cameron Does This ONE Thing In Every Scene And We Bet You Never Noticed

26 March 2018, 12:10

Dove Cameron AOL Build Series
Picture: Theo Wargo/Getty Images
Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Dove! You're a sneaky one!

Whether you're a fan of the Disney Channel, Marvel or just a sucker for her gorgeous Instagram aesthetic, you'll probably know and stan Dove Cameron - but you probably didn't know this ONE thing about her.

Dove - who's just been nominated for an Emmy, by the way - spoke to Clevver about all her new acting gigs and her brand new role in ABC's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. During her chat, she revealed one of her most unprofessional habits and when you hear it, it's gonna have you running to YouTube to see if you can spot her doing it.

The confession? In almost every scene you've ever seen Dove do, she's hiding gum somewhere on her person... Yes, really.

"This is so unprofessional," she said, "but every scene you’ve seen me do, I’ve had gum hidden in my mouth or gum in my costume hidden up my sleeve or something.”


So like, this scene? Probably chewing on gum.


Here? Gum. Most likely.


Totally got a packet of gum hidden under that wig.


Have you ever caught Dove secretly chewing on gum in scene? SCREENSHOTS OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN!