How does Don't Worry Darling end? The shocking twist explained

23 September 2022, 12:46

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Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Confused by the end of Don't Worry Darling? Here's a breakdown of the twist and what happens. [Spoilers ahead!]

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The wait is over. Don't Worry Darling is now out in cinemas but how does it end and what on earth does that ending mean?

There's no denying that Don't Worry Darling is one of the standout cinematic events of the year. From the all-star cast to the alleged Olivia Wilde and Florence Pugh drama, everyone has been talking about Don't Worry Darling. Not to mention, after brief appearances in Dunkirk and Eternals, it's Harry Styles' biggest role to date. Is it good though and what happens?

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Well, the film has a big twist and many unanswered questions. With that in mind, we've broken down exactly how it ends.


Don't Worry Darling ending explained: A summary of the movie
Don't Worry Darling ending explained: A summary of the movie. Picture: Warner Bros. / PictureLux / The Hollywood Archive / Alamy Stock Photo, New Line Cinema / Entertainment Pictures / Alamy Stock Photo
Don't Worry Darling spoiler warning
Don't Worry Darling spoiler warning. Picture: Warner Bros. Pictures

Don't Worry Darling tells the story of Alice (Florence Pugh). Alice is a 1950s housewife living in the seemingly idyllic company town of Victory. Every day she dotes on her husband Jack (Harry Styles), cooks, cleans and has amazing sex with him. It's almost as if there is nothing wrong with their lives and they both seem happy. However, cracks soon begin to show.

The town is run by a sinister man named Frank (Chris Pine) who ensures that Jack and all of the other husbands in the town keep their jobs secret from their wives. The women are also forbidden from going to the desert where the men work. After multiple strange events, Alice begins to question her surroundings and investigate the truth behind Victory.

It all begins when Alice's friend Margaret (Kiki Layne) wanders into the desert with her son and sees something terrible. The men claim that Alice's son died but Margaret thinks that they're keeping him from her for uncovering a secret. She later appears to kill herself in front of Alice but the men claim that she survived. Very suspect.

Meanwhile, one day on the bus, Alice sees a plane crash in the desert and rushes out to find it. The plane is nowhere to be seen but Alice stumbles across a mysterious building where the men work. She touches one of the glass windows and immediately sees various black and white images.

Moments later, Alice wakes in her bed and she then becomes hellbent on finding out what happened. She confronts Frank at a dinner party to no avail. Alice begs Jack to run away with her. However, Alice is then kidnapped and put under electroshock therapy.

What is actually going on?

How does Don't Worry Darling end? The shocking twist explained
How does Don't Worry Darling end? The shocking twist explained. Picture: VERTIGO ENTERTAINMENT / Album / Alamy Stock Photo

Well, the electroshock therapy flops and Alice begins remembering her life before Victory and figuring out what's going on. It turns out that Victory is a simulation and Alice was a doctor living in the present day with her husband Jack in a small dark flat. We also learn that Jack had pretty Small Dick Energy and couldn't cope with Alice earning more than him.

Entering his incel era, we see Jack listen to a seemingly alt-right podcast where he finds out that a new VR technology has been created in which a man can enter a 1950s-style universe with a woman regardless of her consent. Jack signs up to take part in the technology without Alice knowing. Alice IRL is strapped to her bed 24/7 against her will.

Simulation Alice realises what's happened and confronts Jack about what he did. They then begin shouting and fighting and Alice accidentally kills Jack in the process. Alice's friend Bunny appears and confirms that they're living in a simulation but she's there out of choice because her real kids are dead and in Victory she gets to be with simulations of them.

Here, Bunny reveals that, by killing Jack in the simulation, Alice has killed him in real life. She helps Alice flee and she explains that she can exit the simulation by going to the building in the desert. Following an intense car chase, Alice successfully escapes. The film ends with her breathing and seemingly waking up.

Oh, and as all this is going on Frank's wife Shelley (Gemma Chan) stabs him.

Does it make sense?

What's the Don't Worry Darling twist?
What's the Don't Worry Darling twist? Picture: Warner Bros. / PictureLux / The Hollywood Archive / Alamy Stock Photo

The whole concept of Don't Worry Darling is that men are trapping women in the simulation against their will seemingly in a bid to live out their men's rights fantasies. When the men go to work in Victory, they are actually leaving the simulation to make money in real life before returning to the simulation at night.

At first glance the movie makes sense, but there are multiple unanswered questions. Why have Alice's real-life family and friends not noticed that she's missing? How is Alice going to the loo, if she's attached to her bed 24/7? Why did Shelley suddenly kill Frank? We need Olivia to break it down for us.

What do you think? Did you enjoy Don't Worry Darling?

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