Disney Is Making Hercules Into A Live-Action Movie And Fans Want Ariana Grande For The Role Of Megara

30 April 2020, 16:19

Ariana Grande covers Hercules ‘Won’t say i’m in love’ for Disney Family Singalong

Disney is apparently working on a live-action version of one of their most-loved films, Hercules, and fans are keen for Ariana Grande to join the cast.

After remakes of Disney classics such as Aladdin, The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast, Hercules is set to be the next Disney cartoon film to receive a modern live-action update and fans want Ariana Grande to join the cast.

According to DisInsider, The Lion King and The Mandalorian producers Jeffery Silver and Karen Gilchrist have signed up to work on a live-action remake of 1997 animation Hercules.

WATCH: Ariana Grande Becomes Real Life 'Megara' For 'I Won't Say I'm In Love' Hercules Performance!

Instead of being added straight to Disney+ like Lady and the Tramp, the remake will apparently be one for the cinemas (when they can eventually reopen).

Hercules is being made into a live-action movie
Hercules is being made into a live-action movie. Picture: Disney+

Fans are now desperate for Ariana to take the role of Megara in the new Hercules, after blowing people away with her rendition of ‘I Won’t Say I’m in Love’ from the hit animation.

One person insisted on Twitter: “Everyone knows who should be cast as megara, so if it's not Mrs. Ariana Grande, ooooo I definitely will not be watching.”

“Ariana & Noah centimetre [Centineo] are absolutely going to be cast as Meg and Hercules,” predicted another.

A third pointed out just how much Ari seems to have going on this year, despite being in lockdown: “Ariana is collabing with Lady Gaga, working on her next album while also rumoured to be starring in the next American Horror Story season and the new movie adaptations of Hercules and Wicked. Ari is booked and busy and we love to see it.”

Ariana Grande left fans in awe with her rendition of 'I'll Never Say I'm in Love'
Ariana Grande left fans in awe with her rendition of 'I'll Never Say I'm in Love'. Picture: ABC/YouTube

“Disney is thinking ab a live action hercules ... ariana better be meg,” urged another fan.

Earlier this month Ariana joined a star-studded Disney home singalong to perform the iconic 'I Won't Say I'm In Love' from Hercules, donning a purple top with her trademark high ponytail to become a real life 'Megara', and her singing was nothing short of show-stopping!

Ari cleverly provided both main and backing vocals by appearing in multiple different cuts of video pasted together as one which made for one dazzling outcome as she applied her usual harmonies and vocal twists.

The ‘Thank u, Next’ singer’s rendition has been viewed more than 3.8 million times on YouTube at the time of writing.

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