Never Have I Ever fans think Devi ended up with the wrong boy

12 June 2023, 17:54

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Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Never Have I Ever may be over but the Team Ben or Team Paxton war lives on!

Never Have I Ever season 4 is finally here and fans are divided over who Devi ends up with at the end of the Netflix show.

After four iconic seasons, Devi's Never Have I Ever love story finally has a conclusion. At the start of the show, Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) only has eyes for Paxton (Darren Barnet). However, it quickly becomes apparent that she also has chemistry with her academic frenemy Ben (Jaren Lewison) and the rest of the teen drama explores who Devi really belongs with.

Now we know who Devi picks in the end and it turns out that a lot of Never Have I Ever viewers are upset by the outcome.

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Never Have I Ever fans think Devi ended up with the wrong boy
Never Have I Ever fans think Devi ended up with the wrong boy. Picture: Netflix

In the final season of Never Have I Ever, Devi decides that she and Paxton are better off as friends. The on-off couple have a final kiss before officially ending things romantically. Meanwhile, Devi realises that she's completely in love with Ben. After a whole lot of drama, Never Have I Ever ends with Devi and Ben deciding to officially date each other while in college.

Everyone on Team Ben was happy with the result but everyone on Team Paxton is now taking to Twitter to commiserate the ending. One person tweeted: "notice how paxton has literally never made devi feel like she was too much or too weird, and when they were together he consistently told her that she was more than enough for him… that’s a #real man".

Another wrote: "daxton will always be my endgame. they changed each other's lives, devi taught paxton to bring out the best in himself, and he taught her to love herself for what she is."

As for what the man behind Paxton thinks, Darren Barnet told Harper's Bazaar: "Ever since season three, at the graduation, where Devi realizes 'Oh, there’s no butterflies there anymore', I’ve seen it coming. The fireworks were saved for Ben."

He ended by saying: "But I like the friendship between Devi and Paxton better than the romance anyway. They seem to not do well together regardless, but as friends, they really flourish."

What do you think? Were you Team Ben or Team Paxton?

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