Depression Barbie Commercial memes go viral thanks to the Barbie movie

24 July 2023, 17:06

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

The Depressed Barbie Commercial in the Barbie movie? That Pride & Prejudice call out? It's hitting a bit too close to home for some viewers.

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When Euphoria's Maddy Perez uttered the immortal words, "Is this f***ing play about us?", she was in fact talking about Barbie's mental breakdown in the Barbie movie.

There's so many one-liners, gags and standout moments in the new film, it's almost impossible to single any one out as the best. But, a front-runner has now emerged, and her name is Depression Barbie.

One particular scene from the film, that happens right after Barbie's previously-teased emotional breakdown, has left viewers gagged, gooped and questioning their own state of mental wellbeing.

It is so specific, and so so accurate, people are wondering how the hell director and writer Greta Gerwig managed to hit the nail on the head so perfectly. Here's how viewers are reacting to that scene.

Is Depression Barbie a real Barbie?

Barbie's Depression Barbie commercial hits a little too close to home for viewers
Barbie's Depression Barbie commercial hits a little too close to home for viewers. Picture: Warner Bros. Pictures via YouTube

WARNING: Major spoilers ahead for Barbie!

WARNING: Barbie spoilers ahead!
WARNING: Barbie spoilers ahead! Picture: Warner Bros. Pictures via YouTube

After Barbie returns from the Real World, she quickly finds out that the Kens have taken over Barbie Land – and they've brainwashed the other Barbies too. Barbie, feeling like a failure, then has a big ol' breakdown, and just completely shuts down as she lies on the floor motionless.

The scene then abruptly cuts to a Barbie commercial promoting the new 'Depression Barbie', what she does and all the 'amazing' features that she comes with. Needless to say, that scene is hitting a bit too close to home for some viewers.

She wears sweatpants all day and night? She spends 7 hours scrolling through her estranged best friend's engagement photos on Instagram? She's eating a family sized pack of Starburst? Huh!

The real kicker, though? She's going to binge-watch Pride & Prejudice for the seventh time, until she falls asleep.

The commercial even throws in a violently relatable, "Anxiety, panic attacks and OCD sold separately," for good measure.

Based on the tweets that have already gone viral, the scene has struck a chord with audience members, and they're letting Maddy from Euphoria do the talking.

Well! WELL! WELL! Greta Gerwig, you genius. It was rude! But genius. I respect it. Academy award!

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