Dear White People will end after season 4 on Netflix

3 October 2019, 16:04

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Netflix announced this week that season 4 of Dear White People would be its last.

Dear White People has been renewed for a fourth and final season on Netflix. Dear White People first premiered back in 2017 and, this year, season 3 dropped in August. Netflix made the season 4 announcement on Wednesday (2 Oct) with an adorable cast "FaceTime" video.

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In the announcement video, Marquee Richardson revealed that Dear White People would return for a fourth season but that it would be the show's last. We also see the cast reacting to the news and they're pretty excited over the news.

Dear White People follows a group of students at the fictional Winchester University as they tackle everything from social issues to complicated personal relationships.

Season 3 of the Netflix show was met with mixed reviews but the performances from the talented cast definitely hold up, nonetheless.

Antoinette Robertson, who plays Coco on the show, expressed her excitement over the upcoming fourth season and the squad heading into senior year.

"We👏🏾AIN’T 👏🏾DONE👏🏾YET!!! .... SENIOR YEAR BOUT TO BE SO LIT," the actress wrote in an Instagram caption.

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In the beginning I said it was the start of something special... This video is only a glimpse into how special this journey was and still is. 🔥We👏🏾AIN’T 👏🏾DONE👏🏾YET!!! .... SENIOR YEAR BOUT TO BE SO LIT!!!! 🔥🙏🏾Grateful for 4️⃣🙏🏾💥 ————————————————- We took ACTIVISM and ARTISTRY And create the most blended beautiful baby . Our writers are brilliant, our crew is the best, the cast is BOMB (I’m a fan of them all) ❤️ #therevolutioncontinues #staywoke #SEASON4 ❤️❗️#strongblacklead @_brandon_bell @john_patrickamedori @jsim07 @silkyriiich @deronhorton @ashleyblaine @loganlaurice @niajervier @dearwhitepeople @netflix @netflixsa @strongblacklead @jemarmxchael @brandon_f_black @ceci_designs @jeremytardy @cosauls @dontaysavoy2 @genotheartist @griffinsthread @allymaki #dearwhitepeople @lionsgatetv

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Dear White People season 4 does not have a release date just yet. However, it will definitely be on your screens in 2020. If the production schedule remains the same, we could be joining our favourite Winchester University students for their senior year next summer.

What do you guys think? Are you sad to hear that Dear White People will end after season 4?