Dead To Me season 3: Release date, spoilers, cast and everything you need to know

8 May 2020, 13:28

The first trailer for Dead To me season 2 has arrived


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Dead To Me season 2's ending set up a whole host of new mysteries and twists for Jen Harding and Judy Hale. Here's everything you need to know about Dead To Me season 3, including the release date and spoilers.

After a long year, Dead To Me season 2 finally brought back our fave on-the-verge-of-a-breakdown duo Jen Harding and Judy Hale for another season of twists and turns.

Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini's Netflix dramedy is easily one of the most exciting shows on the streamer, and after 10 brand new episodes, fans are already dying for the next instalment.

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So far, there's no official confirmation about Dead To Me season 3 (season 2 has literally just been released) but based on how popular the show is, it's likely that the story will continue.

While there's not many updates from the writers or stars of the show just yet, here's everything we know about Dead To Me season 3.

Dead To Me season 3: Release date, spoilers and cast
Dead To Me season 3: Release date, spoilers and cast. Picture: Netflix

Will there be a Dead To Me season 3? Has it been renewed?

Whew! Dead To Me season 2 has barely had a moment to breathe but given the popularity of the show, it's likely that a third season will be announced soon.

Currently, there is no confirmation about Dead To Me season 3. Expect an update from Netflix in the comings weeks.

When will Dead To Me season 3 be released?

If the show gets picked up for a third season, we might see a delay when it comes to the release date. Because of the shutdowns and safety precautions that have been put in place by Netflix and various governments, it will likely take a long while before filming schedules for TV shows gets back to normal.

Dead To Me season 1 was released on 3rd May 2019, and season 2 was released on 8th May 2020. Production on season 2 began in September 2019 and filming wrapped in December 2019. The release date should become clearer when production finally starts on the season.

WARNING: Potential spoilers ahead! Do not read ahead until you've finished Dead To Me season 2!

Dead To Me season 3 cast: Who will return?

After the season 2 finale, it's clear that there's a lot more story to tell when it comes to Jen and Judy. Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini will return as our faves.

The majority of the supporting cast should also return, including Jen's sons Charlie and Henry, played by Sam McCarthy and Luke Roessler respectively.

The cast all depends on the story for season 3 so when more details emerge, we'll know exactly who is returning. Expect some brand new characters that open up the mystery of the show even further.

Dead To Me season 3 spoilers: What will happen next?

The finale episode of Dead To Me season 2 opened up a lot of new storylines for season 3, so we know we're in for another ride when next season drops. But as for what's going to happen? We'll just have to wait and see what the writers tease they have in store for us.

One thing that will definitely happen? The mystery surrounding Steve's death is about to get more intense. Your favourite characters are gonna have a tough time figuring their way outta this one...