Dakota Johnson says she still hasn’t seen Madame Web yet

16 February 2024, 17:48

Dakota Johnson Takes On A Chaotic Mystery Interview | PopBuzz Meets

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

She may be the star of the movie but Dakota Johnson has decided not to watch Madame Web.

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If you were the main star of a movie, you'd watch it right? Well, Dakota Johnson just revealed that she hasn't seen Madame Web.

For years, Dakota Johnson has been one of the most loved actresses on the internet. Whether she's lying about being totally obsessed with limes, or telling Ellen Degeneres 'Actually, no that's not the truth Ellen', there is no star quite like Dakota. Not to mention, people can't get enough of her films. From Fifty Shades of Grey to Suspiria, there's something for everyone.

However, what you may not realise is that Dakota Johnson doesn't watch her movies and now she's explained why that is.

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Dakota Johnson says she still hasn’t seen Madame Web yet
Dakota Johnson says she still hasn’t seen Madame Web yet. Picture: PopBuzz, BFA / Columbia Pictures / Alamy Stock Photo

In a new chaotic interview with PopBuzz, we asked Dakota which character she'd love to revisit if she could do a sequel to any of her films. She then confessed that, actually, she would play all of them again.

"I don't ever feel satisfied with my work. So, I'd like to redo all of them," Dakota said, before laughing. "I don't like to watch myself."

When asked if she's watched her new movie Madame Web, Dakota admitted: "No, I haven't." She then asked: "Is it good?"

In the new film, Dakota plays a paramedic who develops psychic powers in an accident, and later becomes Madame Web.

Elsewhere, Dakota completely forgot that she was in a film with Andrew Garfield and the moment was as hilarious and endearing as you would expect.

You can watch that interaction in the video above and check out the full Dakota / PopBuzz experience at the top of this page.

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