What happened to Daddy in Orange Is the New Black season 7?

27 July 2019, 11:51

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Daddy (Vicci Martinez) returns in Orange Is the New Black season 7 and her storyline with Daya is heartbreaking.

Orange Is the New Black fans are outraged by what happens to Daddy (Vicci Martinez) and Daya (Dascha Polanco) in season 7.

As soon as Orange Is the New Black season 6 aired, Daddy became a fan favourite on the Netflix show. Not only did viewers thirst over her but they loved her relationship with Daya and her detailed backstory. However, the role Daddy plays in OITNB is messy to say the least. She is a chief drug lord at Max and she gets Daya and other inmates addicted to oxycontin. She also moulds Daya into her tough righthand man. Daya is no longer the sweet girl we met in season 1.

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OITNB season 7 shows how Daddy and Daya's relationship evolves but there is a gut-wrenching twist.


How did Daddy die in Orange Is the New Black season 7? Did Daya kill Daddy?
How did Daddy die in Orange Is the New Black season 7? Did Daya kill Daddy? Picture: Netflix

Daddy dies in Orange Is the New Black season 7, episode 1 ('The Beginning of the End') and her death is heartbreaking. The episode starts with Daddy and Daya finding out that they have new competition in max. Annalisa (Christina Toth) is selling a supply of her own drugs. Daddy wants to get revenge and Daya suggests killing Annalisa but Daddy has different plans. Later Daya catches Daddy having sex with Annalisa. How did Daddy die though? Did Daya kill Daddy?

Daddy explains she just had sex with Annalisa for "business" and it does get Annalisa to sell for them again but Daya thinks that Daddy cheated and wants to make an example of her. Hours later, Daya tells Daddy that she's calmed down and isn't angry with her anymore. She gives her some "Adeola special" (prison wine) as a gift but it's laced with fentanyl to teach Daddy a lesson. However, it's not supposed to kill her.

Shortly afterwards Daddy has a seizure and Daya seems pleased that her plan has worked. Nevertheless, she soon learns that Daddy died after her seizure and Daya breaks down into tears, realising that she's accidentally killed the person she loves. Naturally, viewers are sobbing over the storyline and can't believe that Daddy is now dead and her storyline was ended so abruptly.


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