Cole Sprouse Just Got Cast In A New “Romantic Drama” Movie And I’m Already Crying

31 January 2018, 15:30

Cole Sprouse, Five Feet Apart, Movie
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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

It's been 10 years since we saw Cole on the big screen... and the plot sounds very... familiar.

Your boyfriend Cole Sprouse has just got himself a new job playing the role of a hospital-bound teen in a new romantic drama film... and it sounds like it's gonna rip your heart into shreds and leave you crying in a heap in the corner.

While his brother Dylan is out making waves with his creepy performance in psychological thriller, Dismissed, Cole is about to dive back into it with a role in the new romantic drama Five Feet Apart.

According to THR, the film centers on two young people who meet and fall in love while being treated for their illnesses, knowing that they are both living on borrowed time. The story is described as being uplifting and about the people who help make every moment count as well as the transcendent power of love. Cole will be playing one of those characters.

It's all a bit Fault In Our Stars-y isn't it?


So, what does that mean for Jughead on Riverdale? According to the report, they're looking to shoot the film at some point during Spring which means Riverdale should be wrapped on season two by then anyway. The cast probably won't return to Vancouver for season three until late June or early July.

Five Feet Apart be Cole's first appearance on the big screen in TEN WHOLE YEARS. Well, 8 years if you count the animated movie Kung Fu Magoo. The last film Cole was in was called The Kings Of Appletown, which also starred his brother Dylan and Victoria Justice from Nickelodeon.

By the way, this is what Cole looked like the last time we saw him on the big screen... it's been a while.

Cole and Dylan Sprouse, The Kings Of Appletown
Picture: Moresco Productions