Cole Sprouse has dyed his hair blond again after wrapping on Riverdale

16 April 2019, 12:03

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

The Riverdale hiatus has begun and blond Cole has returned. We repeat, BLOND COLE has returned.

Stop the presses, alert the church elders, tell your friends, relatives and colleagues! After three years, Cole Sprouse has dyed his hair back to its original colour. Yep, he's blond again.

In case you weren't aware, Riverdale has wrapped for the season. Filming on season 3 is done and the cast and crew will be back in July to start filming for season 4 (can you believe? Where has the time gone?!) Cole was one of the last people to wrap on season 3 and by the looks of things, he's also finally ditched Jughead's signature black hair... for now.

Cole Sprouse wants more of a "season one Jughead" in Riverdale season 4

Posting an update about his recent travels on Instagram, Cole revealed his new blond look. Well, old look... technically.

Cole Sprouse has ditched his black hair and gone back to blond
Cole Sprouse has ditched his black hair and gone back to blond. Picture: Steve Granitz / Contributor

But what does it all mean? Is Jughead gone forever? No, of course he's not!

In fact, a handful of the cast have all shown off their recent hiatus haircuts on Instagram. Camila Mendes has ditched Veronica's signature sleek black hair in favour of some warmer brown tones. Mädchen Amick just cut half her hair off so prepare yourselves for a whole new Alice in season 4 and Zoe De Grand'Maison just had a fringe cut in. No word on whether she's returning as Evelyn Evernever yet though... maybe they recruited a hair stylist to The Farm?

But anyway, what's going on with Cole? Why is he back to his natural hair colour?

In an interview with PopBuzz, Cole revealed that he's working on a secret project during the Riverdale hiatus. He couldn't divulge too much information about it but it sounded pretty exciting. Maybe he dyed his hair back to its natural colour for this? WHO KNOWS! Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

That's all for your update on Cole Sprouse Hair Watch 2019. We'll let you know when dark haired Jughead Jones returns safely into our arms. Until then, xoxo