When Is Cinderella Starring Camila Cabello Coming Out? Trailers, Cast Updates & All The Latest

4 August 2021, 10:02

Camila Cabello stars in latest trailer for Cinderella

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The 2021 Cinderella release date, cast and the complete lowdown.

Camila Cabello stars as Cinderella in the 2021 live-action remake, but she’s not the only A-list cast member.

The new version, which comes out in September, also stars Idina Menzel and Pierce Brosnan.

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Camila spent a large chunk of 2020 in England filming for the new movie in the countryside, so we’re expecting some old fashioned fairytale nostalgia from the re-imagined classic.

From release date and the cast to the trailer and the stunning images, here’s absolutely everything you could possibly want to know about the 2021 Cinderella movie…

Camila Cabello as 2021 Cinderella
Camila Cabello as 2021 Cinderella. Picture: Prime Video

Camila Cabello hilariously recreates scene from Harry Potter in the 'real' Hogwarts

Nicholas Galitzine plays Prince Robert
Nicholas Galitzine plays Prince Robert. Picture: Prime Video

When is the 2021 Cinderella movie coming out?

The new Cinderella movie starring Camila Cabello is coming out 3 September 2021 to Prime Video.

The release date is a bit later than planned after production was thrown off course by these wild times we're in.

Camila Cabello stars as Cinderella in the new 2021 remake
Camila Cabello stars as Cinderella in the new 2021 remake. Picture: Prime Video
Idina Menzel plays the stepmother in Cinderella
Idina Menzel plays the stepmother in Cinderella. Picture: Getty
Nicholas Galitzine plays Prince Robert in Cinderella opposite Camila Cabello
Nicholas Galitzine plays Prince Robert in Cinderella opposite Camila Cabello. Picture: Getty

Who is in the Cinderella cast besides Camila Cabello?

As well as ‘Havana’ singer Camila, there’s a string of stars in Cinderella including James Corden, Idina Menzel and Minnie Driver.

Starring opposite Camila as Cinderella’s prince is Nicholas Galitzine.

Here’s the complete cast of Cinderella:

  • Camila as Cinderella
  • Billy Porter as Fairy Godmother
  • Idina Menzel as Stepmother
  • Nicholas Galitzine as Prince Robert
  • Minnie Driver as queen Beatrice
  • Maddie Bailloio as Aanastasia
  • John Mulaney as Footman / Mouse
  • Charlotte Spencer as Drizella
  • James Corden as Footman / Mouse
  • Romesh Ranganathan as Footman / Mouse
  • Pierce Brosnan as the King
  • Luke Latchman as Griff
  • Fra Fee
  • Nikkita Chadha
  • Tallulah Greive

Is there a trailer for the new Cinderella film yet?

Yes, there is a trailer! And it looks every bit as cheesy and magical as we'd hoped – watch it at the top of this page.

We’ll keep this page updated with all the latest Cinderella news!

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