Who Is Chic Cooper's Dad On "Riverdale"? Because It's Not Hal...

25 January 2018, 17:17

Alice Cooper, Chic Cooper, FP Jones, Riverdale
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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

We're getting closer and closer to uncovering the truth behind the identity of Chic Cooper's real father on Riverdale but did Alice just kill the most popular fan theory involving her relationship with FP Jones?

Riverdale fans, it's time to talk about the true parentage of Chic Cooper. We the jury have looooooong since suspected that Alice Cooper's long lost child is not the son of Hal Cooper's and it turns out, with the recent Blossom family will DNA test, we were absolutely correct.

In the sixteenth episode of the season, Alice confirmed that Hal was NOT Chic's father after Betty carried out a secret DNA test to check if he was eligible to claim a portion of Clifford Blossom's will. He was not, obviously... because he does not have Blossom or Cooper blood.


For most of the fandom, this wasn't a huge shock. Hal's behaviour around Chic and his attitude toward Alice whenever she brought up the subject wasn't exactly the kind of vibe a doting father would give off.

And ever since that scene in season one, when Alice and Hal came to blows after she discovered he had offered to pay for Polly's abortion (and then eviscerated him for almost making her daughter go through the same thing she did), Hal has been PRESSED about any and every mention of Alice's "mistake".

So now we know he's out of the picture, that leaves us with one big ol' looming question: Who is Chic's real father?

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For a while now, the fandom has had reason to believe that FP Jones was the ~daddy~. Even Betty immediately questions if FP is Chic's real dad after Alice low-key admits to banging FP back in the day. But - and here's the gag of the season - Alice shoots it down almost immediately with a snappy "absolutely not!", seemingly ending one of the show's most passionate and well thought out theories ...Or did she?

There's two options here: Alice is either lying through her teeth about FP or it really is someone else who we've probably never even met... someone call the Riverdale Register, because we've got an investigation on our hands.

INVESTIGATION QUESTION NUMBER ONE: If FP is Chic's real dad, then why did Alice lie about it? Is she doing it to protect Betty and Jughead? Is she doing it to protect FP? Maybe he doesn't even know and Alice's reason for not ever telling him comes down to the fact that it would ruin a lot of stuff, including his relationship with Jughead's mum once and for all.

With confirmation in this episode, we now know that FP is probably the only other romantic relationship Alice had before Hal. And as we've all seen, the show and the actors (Mädchen and Skeet, you ain't slick) have been hell-bent on leaving as many breadcrumbs about their past and Alice's involvement with the Serpents as they possibly can throughout the entire show. FP is a safe bet but it'd be pretty disappointing if, after all this time, all that tension and all those breadcrumbs, it turns out that he wasn't the dad, right?

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INVESTIGATION QUESTION NUMBER TWO: If FP is not Chic's dad, then who could it possibly be? Fans suspected that Clifford Blossom might have been his father but that's now out the window thanks to the DNA test. Another fan suggested that Hal has a twin brother, who also happens to be the Black Hood, but again... Blossom blood. Not gonna fly.

So if we're assuming that it's not FP, and it can't possibly be anyone with Blossom blood, then it's either gonna be a random ass Serpent or someone we've never met before. We wouldn't put it past them to be honest, Riverdale loves a f*cking plot twist... OMG, what if it's Fred Andrews? (Don't you even dare...)

Our money is firmly on the fact that Alice was lying to Betty when she denied it and FP Jones is his real dad. Bughead be damned!

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