'Riverdale' fans are losing it over a huge Cheryl and Toni scene in the midseason finale

13 December 2018, 17:01

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Cheryl and Toni took things to the next level on Riverdale last night...

Riverdale never ceases to amaze us. Three seasons in and the hit teen show is still surprising fans with the most unexpected storylines and plot twists. After weeks of teasing the Gargoyle King mystery, things came to a head in last night's episode. In just over 40 minutes, we witnessed everything from the introduction of icons Gladys and Jellybean Jones to Hiram putting the entire town under quarantine (!!!).

It's one scene in particular that fans are obsessed with though and it has nothing to do with Gryphons and Gargoyles. Every Riverdale stan has a favourite ship and, while new ones are forming (Veggie and Archosie are incoming), it's the established ones that reign supreme. And no Riverdale ship is more popular than Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch) and Toni (Vanessa Morgan) and last night was all about them.

What happened to Choni in Riverdale last night?

Riverdale gives Cheryl and Toni screen time and Choni fans rejoice
Riverdale gives Cheryl and Toni screen time and Choni fans rejoice. Picture: The CW

In spite of how loved they are, Choni have notoriously been neglected this season. While we've had plenty of important and game-changing Varchie and Bughead scenes over the past few weeks, Cheryl and Toni have barely featured and fans have noticed. Thankfully that all changed last night when we not only got to see Cheryl cater to Toni after a seizure but also ask her to move in with her.

Our hearts. And the moment wasn't lost on viewers either. Immediately after the scene aired, Choni shippers took to Twitter to praise Riverdale for finally giving their central LGBTQ+ couple some significant development. This almost makes up for THAT deleted scene. With that in mind, we've gathered just a few of the best reactions to Cheryl and Toni's romantic escapades. Enjoy.

The Choni scene in all of its glory.

"Mon petite amour" is everything.

Look how joyful they are together.

No. We're not crying. You are.

They're just so vulnerable and soft with each other.

It makes us so happy.

And when you consider how Penelope treated Cheryl...

...it's what Cheryl deserves.

Choni stans celebrated the occasion.

We can't.

And prepared for it.

Madelaine and Vanessa teased that this scene was coming.

People who don't even like Riverdale came together to watch it.

Moments like this are so important for LGBTQ+ representation.

In fact, a lot of people who don't like Riverdale stan Choni.

We need people to calm down on this hate but also, maybe if Riverdale actually developed its LGBTQ+ ships more often, more people would like it.

Thankfully it looks as though more Choni content is coming...

As they're moving in together, we're more likely to see Choni content.

...and they are kissing in the new promo.


Now if Riverdale could ensure to make these scenes more consistent and let Choni's relationship grow and develop like their straight counterparts that would be incredible. Choni deserve more than just the odd kiss or moment here and there and so do their fans.