Charlotte Crosby Brands Roxanne Pallett A Backstabber After Celebrity Coach Trip Vote

24 January 2019, 16:03

Charlotte Crosby has branded Roxanne Pallett a backstabber
Charlotte Crosby has branded Roxanne Pallett a backstabber. Picture: Instagram/Getty

Roxanne Pallett rubbed Charlotte Crosby the wrong way in her first TV appearance since Celebrity Big Brother last year.

In the latest episode of Celebrity Coach Trip, controversial actress Roxanne Pallett joined the coach but clashed with Geordie Shore's Charlotte Crosby.

During a snorkelling trip, Roxanne jumped into the water and suffered a wardrobe malfunction causing the TV star to lose her swimming bottoms and make her way back bottomless.

Things got more awkward when it was time to vote off the next couple.

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"Tonight we're voting for Charlotte and Josh," Roxanne said.

"There are no other reasons, but the only activity we did as a group was the wine tasting and we didn't really see Josh..."

An offended Charlotte was not here for their explanations, hitting back with: "I feel like it's personal. I feel like it's a bad one. I'll remember this vote!"

The episode then cuts to Charlotte talking away from the group, insisting: "Roxy plays it all sweet and innocent, then she stabs you in the back at the last minute."

This was Roxanne's first return to TV after the Celebrity Big Brother ‘punch gate’, where she accused Ryan Thomas of "punching her repeatedly". However, Roxanne came under fire after footage of the incident showed otherwise.

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