Who has green eyes on Game Of Thrones? Arya Stark’s prophecy did NOT come true for Daenerys and Cersei

13 May 2019, 10:24

Emma Clarke

By Emma Clarke

Spoilers are coming. You know what to do.

Off the back of episode 2 of Game of Thrones episode, entitled 'The Long Night', many people were left wondering which characters have blue, brown and green eyes.

In case you missed it, Melisandre gave Arya Stark a little pep talk mid-battle, as she reminded the young assassin what she told her when they first met in season 3: "I see a darkness in you. And in that darkness, eyes staring back at me: brown eyes, blue eyes, green eyes. Eyes you’ll shut forever. We will meet again."

As we saw, Arya then went on to kill the muther-effing Night King in one fell swoop, which covers the reference to "blue eyes".

But what colour is everyone else's eyes? And did Arya kill anyone with green eyes? Let's have a look...

Cersei Lannister - Green eyes

Wait...Cersei Lannister has green eyes!
Wait...Cersei Lannister has green eyes! Picture: HBO

Cersei had long been on Arya Stark's list, so we already knew there was motive for Arya to kill the Lannister matriarch.

Indeed, many viewers speculated after the Battle of Winterfell that Arya would next focus on bringing down Cersei. And in episode 4, 'The Last of the Starks', we saw Arya head to King's Landing with The Hound, looking to sort out some unfinished business.

In the penultimate instalment, episode 5, however, we saw Arya and The Hound reach their destination, before Sandor Clegane turned to the young Stark and implored her to turn back and not become like him. She followed his advice and left Cersei well alone.

Before episode 5, some viewers believed Jaime may have gone to King's Landing to kill Cersei, as there was another prophecy in play: When Cersei was a teenager, she visited a fortune teller from Lannisport. In typical Cersei fashion, she threatens fortune teller, Maggy the Frog, demanding she answer three questions.

The first was if Cersei would marry a prince, to which Maggy replies: "Never. You will wed the king."

She then, of course, marries Robert Baratheon, who overthrew the Mad King and sat on the Iron Throne.

Cersei then asks if she'll be queen. Maggy replies: "Queen you shall be...for a time. Then comes another, younger, more beautiful, to cast you down and take all you hold dear." This could've related to Margaery once upon a time, but Marg is now dead. Daenerys Targaryen is another possibility, but as season 8 unfolds, it's looking uncertain whether Dany will take the Iron Throne for herself. Perhaps Queen Sansa? Please let it be so.

The third question was whether she and the king would have any children. Maggy responds: "No, the king will have 20 children, and you will have three. Gold will be their crowns and gold their shrouds."

Cersei recalls the chilling words spoken by Maggy in season 6, after the Sand Snakes killed her only daughter, Myrcella. Joffrey had already died at this point and Tommen threw himself out a window in season 6 - all three children were Jaime's, not Robert's. We also saw Joffrey give orders for Robert's bastard children to be slaughtered by the Kingsguard in an earlier episode, so we also know Rob had quite a number of kids.

Now, what the show didn't really cover was the last bit of Maggy's prophecy: "And when your tears have drowned you, the valonqar shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you."

Valonqar is High Valyrian for “little brother”, so Cersei, naturally, assumed this meant Tyrion. However, her twin Jaime was born just after her, so it was possible it could have referred to him instead.

When Jaime left Brienne of Tarth at Winterfell in order to march south to meet his sister in episode 4, fans were convinced even more that he was planning to kill Cersei.

Jaime reunited with his twin, before they both apparently died in the underground passages of King's Landing, as the walls came crashing down.

Jaime Lannister - Green

Jaime Lannister has green eyes
Jaime Lannister has green eyes. Picture: HBO

The Kingslayer was one of those characters who pulled a 180 over the duration of the show. He may have started off as a bit of a bastard (figuratively, not literally) who pushed Bran out of the window in season 1 and acted on Cersei's every whim, but, thanks to the influence of Brienne of Tarth, he became a firm favourite among fans.

Naturally, many speculated over who would kill Cersei. And after their lover's tiff last season, it seemed pretty likely that Jaime would do the honours. Plus, as we've already touched upon, there was the other prophecy which had so far proven to be pretty accurate. When he left Ser Brienne for Cerisei in episode 4, then, fans were even more convinced he was going to do the deed.

But as we saw in episode 5, both Jaime and Cersei died in each other's arms, as the walls of King's Landing caved in on them.

Daenerys Targaryen - Bluey green

The Mother of Dragons has bluey green eyes
The Mother of Dragons has bluey green eyes. Picture: HBO

Dany also had eyes that met the colour described in Melisandre's prophecy - and after Arya witnessed the Mad Queen's true nature, it did seem likely that Arya would end Daenerys' reign of tyranny.

In episode 4, we saw Sansa and Arya tell Jon his place was in the north and that they didn't trust Daenerys as their queen, before Bran revealed to them that Jon is actually a Targaryen.

Varys then turned against Dany and died because of it, and even Jon and Tryion are loosing faith in the Mother of Dragons.

As Arya rode away from King's Landing on a white horse, we were hoping she would assassinate the dragon queen, but, as we saw in the finale, it was actually Jon Snow who killed Dany.

Jon Snow - Brown

Jon Snow has brown eyes, but Arya would never have killed her fave brother
Jon Snow has brown eyes, but Arya would never have killed her fave brother. Picture: HBO

While Jon may have brown eyes, there is no way on god's green earth that Arya would kill her favourite brother.

And she didn't.

Bran Stark - Brown

Bran Stark also has brown eyes
Bran Stark also has brown eyes. Picture: HBO

Like Jon, Bran Stark has hazel brown eyes. But equally, Arya killed the Night King in order to save Bran and humanity, so we knew she wouldn't try and kill her younger brother.

In the season finale, we in fact saw Bran being named the King of the Six Kingdoms, so, yup, Arya didn't go there.

Sansa Stark - Blue

Arya's sister Sansa has blue eyes
Arya's sister Sansa has blue eyes. Picture: HBO

Arya and Sansa may have had their differences when they were younger, but in the latest episodes we've seen the Stark sisters bond - much to Jon Snow's surprise.

We knew Arya wouldn't turn on her big sis.

And for those of you wondering what colour eyes Arya's previous victims had...

Walder Frey, who killed Arya's mother Caitlyn and brother Robb at the Red Wedding, has brown eyes
Walder Frey, who killed Arya's mother Caitlyn and brother Robb at the Red Wedding, has brown eyes. Picture: HBO

Walder Frey - Brown

Arya killed Walder Frey back in season 6 while disguised as a servant girl. She served him a slice of humble pie - which had his sons' minced body parts in - before coolly slitting the old man's throat.

Polliver - Brown

You may struggle to remember, but Polliver was a Lannister soldier who held Arya, Gendry and Hot Pie captive in the early days.

When she's on tour with The Hound later on, she runs into Polliver in an inn and kills him on the spot.

Ser Meryn Trant - Brown

Ser Meryn, not only was he ordered to apprehend Arya in season 1, he was the one who killed Arya's swordfighting instructor, Syrio Forel.

She killed him back in season 5, when she was disguised as a prostitute.

Petyr Baelish, aka, Littlefinger - Green

In season 7, it looked as though Littlefinger had successfully managed to turn Arya and Sansa against on another, as he pulled their strings behind the scene.

However, staying one step ahead (and possibly getting a tip off from their brother Bran who can see everything), they outmanoeuvred Petyr and Arya slit his throat in the Great Hall. BOOM!