Is Byron Baes real or scripted? Netflix cast address claims the show is fake

11 March 2022, 12:09

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Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Byron Baes has landed on Netflix – but is the show real or scripted?

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After giving us Selling Sunset, Too Hot To Handle and Love Is Blind, the Netflix gods have just gifted us with their latest hit reality series Byron Baes.

The show centres on a number of influencers trying to make it in Byron Bay, Australia. But it's not simple. Between the backstabbing, bitching and arguments about Instagram followers, it's clear that making it in Byron Bay is going to be tricky.

If you've binged the entire series already, you're probably wondering just how real all of the drama is. We know that with reality TV it can be hard to tell what's an organic interaction and what is a plotline has been carefully manufactured by producers, especially following reports that some of the Byron Baes cast have "notable acting experience". Here's what some of the cast have said in response to the show being called fake.

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Is Byron Baes real?

Is Byron Baes real or scripted?
Is Byron Baes real or scripted? Picture: Netflix

In May 2021, well before the show had aired, sources told The Daily Telegraph's Confidential (via Daily Mail) that Byron Baes is "all contrived". The sources also stated that some of the cast were having acting lessons to prep them for filming. However, a production source said "there is absolutely no truth to this claim" and denied that the series is fake. So what's the truth?

Byron Baes cast member Jade Kevin Foster has insisted that the series is not scripted. In an interview with Studio 10, Jade said that he's living his "wildest Kardashian dream" and that there are cameras on the cast at all times.

"If I'm going to be honest once again, the show is 100 per cent more real than all of the filler and Botox I have in my face, so that's saying something! It's not scripted at all," Jade explained. "The cameras are on us all the time and they just found the best bunch of spinners that they could find because it just worked."

Sarah Tangye then added that the cast got used to having every part of their lives documented "pretty quickly".

Sarah says they got used to having cameras around 24/7.
Sarah says they got used to having cameras around 24/7. Picture: Netflix

In other words, while producers may bring the cast together for organised events, everything we see is 100% real. In fact, the cast forget that the cameras are there most of the time.

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