Bridgerton season 2 called out for lack of queer representation

28 March 2022, 16:45

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Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Bridgerton fans think that Benedict and Eloise were queer-coded in season 1 but it's not expanded upon in season 2.

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Bridgerton fans are criticising the drama for failing to include any openly queer characters or narratives in its second season.

Last week (Mar 25), Bridgerton season 2 came out on Netflix. The new season revolves around Viscount Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey), his engagement to Edwina Sharma (Charithra Chandran) and his romantic chemistry with Edwina's sister Kate (Simone Ashley). Viewers are praising the new season for its brilliant acting, dramatic twists and iconic soundtrack.

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However, the season is also facing some backlash. The first season of Bridgerton hinted at potential LGBTQ+ storylines for Benedict and Eloise but they weren't built upon in season 2 and fans are disappointed by the lack of queer representation.

Is Benedict Bridgerton gay? Is Eloise Bridgerton queer?

Bridgerton season 2 called out for lack of queer representation
Bridgerton season 2 called out for lack of queer representation. Picture: Netflix

In the first season of Bridgerton, it's hinted that Benedict might not be straight. He attends an alternative sex party where he stumbles across two men having sex. There also appears to be sexual tension between Benedict and the party's male host who admits that he's attracted to men. However, their relationship and Benedict's sexuality is never explored any further.

Many LGBTQ+ fans also connected to Eloise in Bridgerton season 1 and believed that her character was queer-coded. She is the odd one out in her family and shows no interest in any men in the first season of the show. Some people interpreted this as a sign that Eloise is part of the LGBTQ+ community although it's never built upon in any concrete form.

That being said, in season 2, Benedict has a relationship with a woman, Eloise develops an interest in a man and the show refrains from including any allusions to them being queer, or any queer narratives at all. As a result, fans are criticising the series and begging Netflix to give Eloise, Benedict and other characters queer storylines going forward.

A fan of the show tweeted: "Are they actually going to put me out of my misery and make Eloise or Benedict gay or just queer bait me into oblivion huh." Another person added: "I can't quite wrap my head around the fact that Benedict and Eloise are still being passed off as straight when their characters are so heavily queer-coded."

Neither Benedict nor Eloise are written as queer in the Julia Quinn books that Bridgerton is based on. Nevertheless, given that there have already been several major changes to the novels in the series so far, there's nothing to suggest that they couldn't change the genders of their love interests and make them or other characters queer going forward.

What do you think? Is Bridgerton lacking LGBTQ+ representation?

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