Game of Thrones fans think "Bran the Broken" is the worst nickname ever and they're not wrong

20 May 2019, 15:20


By PopBuzz

Game of Thrones fans hate the "Bran the Broken" nickname and the memes are brutal. Viewers are reacting to the terrible nickname bestowed upon the new King of The 6 Kingdoms and people think the nickname from the Game of Thrones finale is truly awful.

Game of Thrones fans agree that "Bran the Broken" is the worst nickname of all time and the memes are accurate af.

After eight dramatic seasons, a handful of unforgettable deaths, and one mad queen slain in the finale, Game of Thrones bid audiences farewell with one last unexpected surprise. Bran Stark became the King of the 6 Kingdoms by committee and pretty much no one saw that one coming.

When Bran is made king, Tyrion bestows upon him a less than flattering moniker: Bran The Broken.

Yeah, it's not great.


Since season 1 of Game of Thrones, Bran has been unable to walk thanks to Jaime Lannister, who pushed him out of a castle window to hide his affair with his sister, Cersei.

In later seasons, Bran became the three-eyed Raven and was instrumental in defeating the Night King in season 8. Unfortunately, Tyrion saddled him with "Bran The Broken" as a nickname and fans can't believe how lowkey wild it is.

Bran himself didn't seem particularly psyched about the nickname.

People had other suggestions for Bran's nickname.

And, straight up, people just thought it was shady!

If I were Bran Stark I'd write a royal decree banning that nickname, to be honest. Also, can we revisit Raven Bran because that is *chef's kiss*.

What did you guys think of the Game of Thrones finale?