Birds Of Prey will be available to stream early from March 24

18 March 2020, 13:06

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

The sequel to Suicide Squad, starring Margot Robbie, will be released early on demand services on March 24. Here's how to watch Birds Of Prey online.

As people around the world remain in lockdown, quarantine and self-isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic, film studios have been working to make sure we can all watch recently-released movies online.

As a result of the lockdowns and the 'stay at home' guidelines, cinemas are closing and box office sales have been at a record low. Thankfully, studios are doing all they can to make sure we're all entertained at home by bringing the latest movies to streaming services.

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The latest to be confirmed? Birds Of Prey, which is still playing in cinemas across the world, is set to be released on various VOD platforms on March 24 in the US, so you can all watch Margot Robbie's masterclass from the comfort of your own bedrooms.

It's not yet known if it will be available in the UK.

Harley Quinn's Birds of Prey will be available to stream at home on March 24
Harley Quinn's Birds of Prey will be available to stream at home on March 24. Picture: Warner Bros.

The Suicide Squad spin-off, starring Robbie, is expected to cost $19.99 (£16), and will be available for digital purchase on platforms such as Amazon and iTunes. The film will then become available to rent at a lower price in April.

Other films that will also be streaming much earlier than anticipated are: The Invisible Man, Emma, The Hunt and Trolls: World Tour, which will hit streaming services on the same day it was scheduled to be released in cinemas.

Disney are also planning to release Frozen II on Disney+ much earlier too.

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So far, countless movies have seen their release dates pushed back or postponed indefinitely as a result of the uncertainty brought about by coronavirus.

No Time To Die will now be released in November instead of April, and Fast & Furious 9 will now be released in 2021. Marvel's Black Widow is one of the latest to be pushed back, with no confirmation of a new release date.

While we may have to wait a bit longer to see these films, more and more newer films that you may not have had the chance to see in the cinema will no doubt be added to streaming services in the coming weeks.