Bird Box hid TWO more character deaths in plain sight and we bet you missed them

3 January 2019, 16:51

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Remember the couple that left the house at the beginning of 'Bird Box' to find their kids? There's a huge easter egg in the film that shows us how they died... and you definitely missed it.

How many times have you watched Bird Box on Netflix in the past two weeks? The horror apocalypse movie starring Sandra Bullock, Trevante Rhodes and John Malkovich has already become one of the streaming service's most successful original films of all time, with over 45 million accounts streaming the film in the first 7 days. But no matter how many times you've seen it, there's one very small - and yet absolutely wild - detail that you probably missed and when you see it, you're probably gonna be shook.

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For those of us who've watched the film, we'll all recall the scene where our beloved Tom attempts to drive Malorie, Charlie, Lucy and Douglas to the supermarket to get some supplies. They black out the windows and use the parking sensors and GPS to make their way to the store.

On the way, they hit a ton of curbs, parked cars and... dead bodies. When Tom runs over dead guy lying in the middle of road, the crunching sound that echoes through the car is honestly one of the worst moments of the film.

But did you notice who Tom happened to run over? It wasn't just a random body...


Just before Tom rolls the wheels over the head of the dead guy on the floor, the camera gives us a very clear shot of two bodies lying next to each other on the floor. In the foreground, a man in some tan chinos, grey shirt and a blue jacket. And in the background, a woman wearing white and pink.


Ok, so now you've been reminded of that visual... Cast your minds back to the very first moment Malorie arrives in the house. When she arrives with Tom and Lucy, Douglas, Felix, Cheryl, Greg, Charlie and an unnamed married couple are already inside the house. A few minutes later, the couple gets a phone call from their kids and they both rush to leave the house.

Douglas warns them not to go because they will die the second they step foot outside but they both leave anyway, slamming the door on their way out.

AND NOW IT LOOKS LIKE DOUGLAS WAS RIGHT AGAIN BECAUSE THOSE DEAD BODIES ON THE ROAD? It's the couple that left the house... who only managed to make it one block away from the house before they were killed.

Bird Box
The woman who left the house at the beginning of the film was later shown to have died on the side of the road. Picture: Netflix
Bird Box
The dead body that was run over by Tom was the guy who left the house at the beginning of the film. Picture: Netflix

You can just about make out the white lace at the bottom of the woman's top, along with her cardigan. And the outfit that the dead guy is wearing is the same as the one that the guy was wearing when we last saw him alive. Admittedly, the clothes are blood soaked and also faded but... you can still make out their outfits pretty clearly.

There you have it - why didn't anyone listen to Douglas?! Just when you thought Bird Box was done blowing your mind...