Bella Thorne's ex Mod Sun claims they were married

28 June 2019, 17:21

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Bella Thorne and Mod Sun split earlier in 2019 after more than a year of dating. In a recent video of Mod, he claimed that he was "engaged, married, and divorced in 15 months in Hollywood".

Bella Thorne and Mod Sun broke up back in April after dating for over a year. The two have since spoken publicly about their split, with both discussing awkward aspects of their break up, including a disagreement about their possessions. Now, Mod Sun has hinted that he and Bella were "married" in a new interview with Too Fab.

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While out and about, Mod Sun was asked his thoughts on Tana Mongeau's recent engagement to Jake Paul. Mod Sun expressed well-wishes for the couple before saying that he was "engaged, married, and divorced in 15 months in Hollywood".

"We're out here putting rings on it. That's what our generation does," he also said.

That is likely news to many who thought the pair had only dated. Bella is certainly Mod Sun's most high profile relationship, so it seems unlikely that he was referencing another partner.

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Mod also had advice for Tana and Jake: "If you do any business together, get your paper work right. Don't get a dog together. And don't film too much on your own phone."

Back in February, fans wondered if Mod and Bella had participated in some kind of commitment ceremony when he posted an Instagram video of them kissing in front of some friends and family. Mod has since edited the caption on to read: "we split but this was still a beautiful moment in my life."

it's not clear if any paper work for their "marriage" was actually filed.