Is Barbie a lesbian in the Barbie movie? Here's why fans thinks she's gay

29 June 2023, 12:52

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Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Barbie fans are convinced that Gloria becomes Barbie's girlfriend in the new Barbie movie.

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Barbie is officially saying gay rights! Well, maybe. Fans have come up with a theory that Barbie is a lesbian in the new Barbie movie and they might actually be onto something. They think that Gloria (America Ferrera) is going to be her love interest.

Ever since Barbie was announced, Greta Gerwig has kept the main plot under wraps. In the trailer for the film, we learn that Barbie (Margot Robbie) is expelled from Barbie Land after she begins questioning her own existence. She then goes on a journey of self-discovery in the real world with Ken by her side. However, little else is still known about the movie.

Now, some fans are convinced that Barbie is gay in the film and several scenes in the trailer appear to support their theory.

Is Barbie in love with Gloria in the Barbie movie?

Is Barbie a lesbian in the Barbie movie? Here's why fans thinks she's gay
Is Barbie a lesbian in the Barbie movie? Here's why fans thinks she's gay. Picture: Mattel

First things first, it looks like Barbie has no real romantic interest in Ken or any of the other Kens in Barbie Land. In the trailer, she avoids Ken's kisses and appears to forget to tell Ken when she leaves Barbie Land. He only comes because he insists on doing it. Based on the other scenes, it appears that Ken is just someone in Barbie's life, not the love of her life.

Secondly, fans have noticed that Barbie and real world Mattel employee Gloria appear to have a lot of chemistry with each other. There's a key scene in the trailer where the two characters share a prolonged, potentially romantic glance as Gloria encourages Barbie to jump in her car. Fans have since made multiple fancams of the two characters together.

Last but not least, Margot Robbie recently told Time that she had to fight to include a scene in the film that Mattel's boss Richard Dickson wanted removed for being "off-brand". Margot and Greta actually both performed the scene in front of Dickson in person so that he would keep it. Fans think the scene could be a lesbian Barbie scene.

One fan tweeted: "margot saying they would never let greta’s barbie happen because it’s more unexpected… BARBIE LESBIAN CONFIRMED." Another wrote: "I literally think they’re going to make Barbie a lesbian."

Making Barbie lesbian and giving her a female love interest? That would be pretty legendary if you ask me.

What do you think? Is Barbie lesbian in the Barbie movie?

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