Is Shuri dead? New Avengers: Endgame poster just confirmed her fate

26 March 2019, 20:01

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Shuri's whereabouts were unconfirmed at the end of Infinity War but thanks to the new Avenge The Fallen posters, it's clear that she died in the snap.

Marvel released a bunch of new promotional posters for Avengers: Endgame today (March 26) featuring almost every single Avenger. From Iron Man to Ant-Man and Okoye to Captain Marvel, everyone got an Avenge The Fallen poster - even Tessa Thompson's Valkyrie who didn't make an appearance in Infinity War.

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The Endgame posters were split into two categories: the ones in colour, signifying the characters that were still alive and the ones in black and white, signifying the characters who either died prior to or because of Thanos' snap. Familiar faces like Peter Parker, Loki, Gamora and even Groot were all in black and white alongside one particular character whose fate was still somewhat up in the air: Shuri from Black Panther.

Yep, Marvel have appeared to confirm that Wakanda's princess Shuri died in the snap and everyone is LOSING IT.

Marvel confirmed that Shuri died after Thanos' snap
Marvel confirmed that Shuri died after Thanos' snap. Picture: Marvel Studios

Just after the release of Infinity War, it was teased that Shuri was one of the characters whose fate was left up in the air. The Russo brothers didn't spill the tea on whether or not she had disintegrated in the snap. (Other characters whose whereabouts are also unknown are Jane Foster (Thor) and Korg and Miek (Thor: Ragnarok))

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When the first Endgame teaser trailer dropped, Shuri could be seen next to Scott Lang on the computer in the lab showing 'MISSING' people. Of course, Scott is stuck in the quantum realm and is actually missing so it was assumed that Shuri was simply just... missing in action. However, Scott's poster is in colour and Shuri's is in black and white which means... she got dusted.

Thanos got her. Wakanda is without their genius. The internet has absolutely lost their minds!

So, do we think Shuri is dead dead? Or do we think that she was taken in, hidden and protected as the heir to the Wakanda throne only to return as the Black Panther herself? One more month until we find out...

Avengers: Endgame is released on April 26th 2019.