Why was Arrow cancelled? The CW show will be ending after season 8

7 March 2019, 12:07

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Why is Arrow ending? The CW's Arrow will end after its eighth season. It will also air just 10 episodes in the fall of 2019. Stephen Amell tearfully explained some of the reasons Arrow is ending after this next season.

It's official. The CW's Arrow will end after its eighth season. Arrow has been cancelled and will air just 10 episodes in the fall before bidding fans a fond farewell. The show's cast reacted to the news on Wednesday (March 6), expressing varying emotions about the show's cancellation.

Stephen Amell, who plays Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow, called Arrow "the greatest professional experience" of his life. Meanwhile, Colton Haynes, who plays Roy Harper on Arrow, called the show "an incredible ride."

More cast members shared their feelings on the show's ending as well as their pride over Arrow's long run.

Why is Arrow ending?

In an emotional Facebook live video, Stephen Amell explained part of the reason Arrow had been cancelled.

"Towards the end of season 6, I approached Greg Berlanti, who I will be thanking in a second, and said that I thought both personally and professionally that, at the end of my commitment this coming season, it would be the best for me to move on."

"I've always been a fan of television shows that, not only don't overstay their welcome, but end in a manner that really packs a punch."

Stephen also hinted that his family obligations had informed his decision to bow out.

"A large part of this decision being that I am now a father and a husband. And a lot of my life and interests don't really reside in Vancouver anymore."

Fans reacted to the news on social media.

8 seasons is certainly a long run and it sounds like the final ten episodes will really "pack a punch," according to Stephen Amell.

What do you guys think? Are you sad to see Arrow end after 8 seasons?