What Will Happen to "American Horror Story" Now That Ryan Murphy Has Left FX?

14 February 2018, 20:37

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Murphy just signed a HUGE $300m deal with Netflix - but what does that mean for the rest of his shows?

Things are changing the world of TV - and EVERYONE is shook. In case you missed the news, show runner extraordinaire and co-creator of American Horror Story, American Crime Story and Glee, Ryan Murphy has signed a deal worth an estimated $300m with Netflix and it's probably going to change the face of TV forever.

The deal means that all of Murphy's future productions will be Netflix exclusives. They will no longer air on FOX or FX. And now the question on everyone's lips is: What the BLOODY HELL is going to happen to AHS and all those other shows? Will they get cancelled? Will they move to Netflix? Will someone else take creative control?

Here's everything you need to know and how it's gonna impact your fave shows:


So, now that Murphy has left the network that is home to his most iconic TV shows, what is going to happen to them, and how much involvement will he continue to have?

Murphy currently has five shows in production at FX and FOX.

- American Horror Story (renewed for season 8 and season 9.)

- American Crime Story (season 2 currently airing with season 3 and 4 in development.)

- FEUD (renewed for season two with season 3 in development.)

- 9-1-1 (currently airing, renewed for season 2.)

- Pose (season one due to air in 2018.)

Thanks to his new deal with Netflix, no more new Ryan Murphy projects will be produced by FOX/FX but the ones that already exist on the network will continue to air. That includes any future seasons, although more details on the longevity of those shows will be available when the network starts looking to renew them.


Will these shows move to Netflix?

No, none of these shows will be jumping to Netflix but his involvement on them may become limited. Murphy will stay on each of those shows as an executive producer but there are no details on how involved he will continue to be with the writing. (We can't imagine he'd complete abandon ship on his flagship series' and we can't imagine the network would want him to do that either.)

It's kind of the same thing that's happening with Shonda Rhimes, who also just signed a multi million dollar deal with Netflix. Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, HTGAWM and Station 19 will all continue on ABC for years to come but any new Shonda projects will be exclusively owned by Netflix.


What will happen to the Ryan Murphy shows already on Netflix?

Netflix acquires TV shows by making deals with other TV networks. American Horror Story, American Crime Story and Glee are all on Netflix and will remain on the platform so long as the license is renewed by FOX, who own those shows. But here's the gag: If Disney end up buying out 21st Century Fox, then they could decide to pull the shows once the contract is up. Disney have also already announced plans to remove their content from streaming services by 2019 so that they can exclusively stream it on their own platform.

Basically, if you're planning on binging those shows again... you better start now. Because Murphy's presence at Netflix alone is not gonna save 'em.


What new Ryan Murphy shows will be on Netflix?

Murphy's contract with FOX will expire in the summer and he will officially move to Netflix in July. He already has two shows in pre-production on the network. Ratched, a (sort of) origin anthology about Nurse Ratched from the movie One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest starring Sarah Paulson (lol, who else?!) and The Politician with Ben Platt and also maybe Gwyneth Paltrow and Barbra Streisand (!!!).

The Netflix deal will give him access to bigger budgets and also gives him the freedom to be as creative as he wants. If he wants to do movies, he can do movies. More TV shows? Go for it, Ryan... Documentaries? DO IT. So if you thought AHS was wild, just wait until he gets started at Netflix...

A Ryan Murphy show without the restraints of cable TV? FUCK ME UP.