Who Is Mallory On 'American Horror Story: Apocalypse'?

27 September 2018, 15:06

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

The mysterious character played by Billie Lourd is almost definitely one of the witches, but who is she and what's her history?

Another week, another wig lost to American Horror Story: Apocalypse. The third episode of the crossover season finally saw the long awaited return of the Coven with Cordelia Foxx (or Goode, as she's know known), Madison Montgomery and Myrtle Snow all strolling into the bunker following the deaths of almost every Outpost inhabitant via poison apple.

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But the main talking point of the episode was the big reveal concerning the true identity of Mallory (Billie Lourd). Ladies and gentlemen of the council, it is my duty to inform you that Mallory is, in fact, a god damn witch with ties to the Coven. Of course, the twist has sent Twitter into complete meltdown and it's got everyone asking one very important question:

Who the hell is Mallory?

Mallory American Horror Story Apocalypse
Picture: FX

Early in the episode, we see Mallory in conversation with Michael Langdon (Cody Fern). After a brief altercation, it becomes clear that Mallory possesses some kind of powers. Witchy powers. Seven Wonders powers that Michael is clearly intimidated by. She later dies after eating the snake-venom filled apple (RIP) but - and here's where the big ol' twist comes in - is REVIVED 30 seconds later by Cordelia.

When Cordelia, Madison and Myrtle enter the bunker, Cordelia orders the others to “find our sisters.” The trio gather three of the dead Outpost inhabitants - Mallory, Dinah and Coco - and the Supreme then brings them back to life.

As they come to, Mallory takes off her glasses and Madison then bends down to level with her face on the floor and utters those immortal words: “Surprise bitch, bet you thought you’d seen the last of me.”


Following Madison's iconic revival of the "Surprise, bitch" line, it's safe to assume that Mallory is someone with a strong connection to the Coven - and someone who clearly has history with Madison. Fans have now been sent into overdrive trying to figure out her connection to the Coven.

Here's a few theories that have emerged since the big witch reveal during the third episode:

Mallory is Madison's sister.

Whoever Mallory is, it's clear that Madison is very familiar with her. So far, Mallory's surname hasn't been released which could suggest that she's related to someone we know... either Madison or another witch. Mallory also possesses the power of Pyrokenesis (ability to manipulate fire) and Telekinesis (ability to move physical objects) which Madison has also mastered as part of the Seven Wonders.


Mallory is Madison's old assistant.

If Mallory is not related to Madison, then she could possibly be connected to her in another way. Fans have speculated that she used to be Madison's former personal assistant. She's from Los Angeles, she's Coco's current PA... it's plausible but it doesn't quite explain why she has such powerful powers.


Mallory is just a vessel for another witch.

Throughout the entire episode, Mallory continued to explain that she felt like there was something inside her trying to get out and that she didn't know who she was. Of course, this could just be her untamed powers trying to break their way through but if we take it literally, someone else's soul could have been placed within her body by Cordelia.

When the Coven arrived at the Outpost, Cordelia told Madison and Myrtle to "find our sisters," and now, a theory has emerged that suggests the three Outpost inhabitants brought back to life by Cordelia (Mallory, Dinah and Coco) are actually Misty Day, Queenie and Zoe who have been hidden in different bodies.

However, given the nature of Madison's "Surprise, bitch" line, fans are speculating that Mallory could actually be Fiona.


Mallory is literally just the one witch Michael didn't manage to get rid of.

In the episode, Michael laments that he didn't kill all of the witches and he was absolutely TERRIFIED when Mallory managed to manipulate the fire. In the first trailer, we saw that Michael had destroyed the Coven and the zombies had eaten Cordelia alive. Whether that was a vision remains to be seen but it's possible that Mallory was either sent away by Cordelia for protection.

There's already been speculation that Mallory could be the next Supreme, given her powers and the fact that her vision was fixed as soon as she was revived by Cordelia - the hallmark of any supreme is glowing, radiant health... remember?

Given Michael's absolute horror when Mallory's powers came through, it's also possible that she could be the complete opposite of Michael and something he fears the most, something more powerful than him - a witch born of an angel.


So, what's the general consensus? Is Mallory a witch? A Montgomery? Soul of another witch trapped inside her body? The next Supreme? Whoever Mallory turns out to be, we're sure it'll send our wigs into orbit. Guess we'll just have to wait for the next episode to find out.

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