23 HUGE Details In The 'AHS: Apocalypse' Trailer You Definitely Missed

18 September 2018, 15:31

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

A scene by scene deep dive into the new 'AHS: Apocalypse' trailer. You're welcome.

American Horror Story: Apocalypse is less than a week away from premiering on our screens and thanks to the brand new trailer footage we've just been blessed with, it's pretty much confirmed that this season is going to be the most intense one yet.

Apocalypse is set to bring us the anti-Christ vs. the Supreme, zombies, murder, tons of new characters, tons of returning characters and an evil vs. good(e) Sarah Paulson showdown. In fact, there's so much to digest in that short one minute clip, we've decided to break down each scene, frame by frame and speculate wildly over what we're about to get ourselves in to.

Here's a complete deep dive into the brand new trailer for AHS: Apocalypse, with all the hidden details, references and clues you might have missed the first time around...

AHS Apocalypse Trailer Details
Picture: FX

1) Looks like we've got two brand new cast members already.

Dressed in the yellow hazmat suits are two new characters that have appeared to survive the apocalypse and been brought to the bunker. The male survivor is played by Kyle Allen, whose character name as not yet been revealed. The female survivor is played by Ash Santos. Her character name has not been revealed yet either.

AHS Apocalypse
AHS Apocalypse. Picture: FX

2) "Welcome to Outpost 3..."

Outpost 3 is the name of the underground bunker that Sarah Paulson's Venable appears to be in charge of. Interestingly enough, a film of the same name exists and guess what... it's about zombies! The synopsis reads: "Set during World War II, the film follows a group of Russian Special Forces soldiers that find themselves faced not only with zombie soldiers but also with the threat of themselves becoming part of the zombie corps."

Also... considering this is Outpost *THREE* does this mean that there's other Outpost bunkers dotted around the country? Could those Outposts be the nine circles of hell, perhaps? We are dealing with Satan here, after all...

Sarah Paulson in AHS Apocalypse
Sarah Paulson in AHS Apocalypse. Picture: FX

3) Snakes in a bunker.

There's been strong speculation that this season will feature some kind of snake/reptile element... And if this one Instagram comment on Sarah Paulson's account from Billie Lourd is anything to go by, we could be onto something:

Sarah Paulson Instagram AHS Apocalypse
Picture: Instagram

Now, do those snake and crown emojis have anything to do with Venable, by any chance? Is she a reptilian mutant? The Queen reptilian mutant? Can she shape shift? Because how did snakes survive the apocalypse? (Maybe they haven't *survived* the apocalypse at all?)

Or is this this the Coven's doing? If you cast your minds back to Coven, you'll remember that snakes played a pretty huge role in witchcraft, particularly in Cordelia's fertility ritual. What is the truth dot gif?

Snake in AHS Apocalypse
Picture: FX

4) There’s no sex allowed in this bunker!!!!!!!

As Venable says, "there’ll be no unauthorised copulation... no exceptions." Later on in the trailer, she also says “it’s our world now, we’ll remould as we see fit.” Sounds like she's in control of breeding an entirely new, genetically manipulated population. And THAT seems like danger to moi.

If that's the case, it also begs the question... were the two newbies rescued, or were they selected specifically?

AHS Apocalypse
Picture: FX

6) Oh look, it’s Evan Peters being whipped.

Asylum, but make it nuclear. Also, what did Evan's character do to be punished like that?!

Evan Peters In AHS Apocalypse
Picture: FX

7) Adina Porter appears in the trailer, but you probably missed her...

Blink and you'll miss her but Adina's character Dinah Stevens is present in the dining room scene. Adina appears to be one of the people living in the bunker - she's wearing all that weird purple victorian stuff. She also doesn't appear to be linked to any of the other characters... so far.

Adina Porter in AHS Apocalypse
Picture: FX

8) Billie Lourd's character ends up as part of the help, and not one of the "family".

Remember at the beginning of the trailer? Leslie Grossman, Evan Peters, Dame Joan Collins and Billie Lourd's characters were all on the plane but it looks like Billie's character Mallory ends up working as a staff member instead of being one of the citizens in the underground bunker.

Billie Lourd in AHS Apocalypse
Picture: FX



Michael Langdon in AHS Apocalypse
Picture: FX

10) The Coven have arrived…

Can they... walk amongst all that radiation? Why are they able to just walk into the bunker like that? Why aren't they being decontaminated or anything? WHO IS LETTING THEM IN? CONFUSION.

The Coven in AHS Apocalypse
Picture: FX

11) Double Paulson? After all this time?

With both Cordelia and Venable both making an appearance in the bunker, will this be the first time two Sarah Paulson characters will interact with each other on screen? Assuming they're in the bunker together at the same time, of course... (They probably won't be, knowing Ryan Murphy's sneaky ways.)

Sarah Paulson in AHS Apocalypse
Picture: FX

12) Is Cordelia resurrecting members of Outpost 3?

Mallory, Dinah and Coco (??) are all lying on the floor in front of Myrtle, Madison and Cordelia, who is either bringing them back to life or using some kind of descensum spell on them. Can people that aren't witches be forced in to descensum by other witches? GUESS WE'LL FIND OUT.

Cordelia Descensum in AHS Apocalypse
Picture: FX

13) How did the Rubberman get here?

There's two options here: a lot of the fans are speculating that the bunker could have been built on the grounds of the now destroyed Murder House, which could mean that the spirits that are still bound to that location (Tate, Violet, Ben, Vivien etc...) are now also bound to the bunker.

Of course, the Rubberman isn't it's own entity though, there's always been someone wearing the suit which could also mean that it could have just been taken from the Murder House by someone who is now currently in the bunker... Michael Langdon, perhaps? Like father, like son? WIG!

Rubberman AHS Apocalypse
Picture: FX

14) Yes, that is Billy Eichner hanging underneath a cart…

There's been speculation about mutants appearing in the season. And seeing as he survived the blast, he's probably contaminated with ridiculous amounts of radioactive energy - and definitely no longer a human.

Billy Eichner in AHS Apocalypse
Picture: FX

15) Amazon Eve is back!

Well, not literally Amazon Eve but Erika Ervin is returning to the show after three years (she was last seen in Freak Show) and she'll be playing one of those creepy wardens who beats people in the bunker alongside Kathy Bates' Ms. Meade.

Amazon Eve in AHS Apocalypse
Picture: FX

16) Yep, that's a group of zombies eating Cordelia alive outside of Miss Robichaux’s Academy.

Ok, first of all. NOOOOOO - NOT CORDELIA! Second - and most importantly of all - is this a vision? As we all know, Cordelia has The Sight, which is the ability to see into the past, present and future. So either Cordelia returns to the Coven only to get eaten alive by the zombies, or she's having a vision of what's to come.

It's also been teased that a HUGE twist will happen in episode 5 before the big Murder House episode (episode 6, directed by Sarah Paulson) so is it possible that the first five episodes of the season are all just one big vision from Cordelia and the rest is about the Coven attempting to stop Satan (Michael Langdon) destroying the world?

Cordelia AHS Apocalypse
Picture: FX

17) It looks like the entire Coven mansion has crumbled to the ground.

Again, it could totally be a vision but if it's not... RIP the Coven.

Coven Mansion AHS Apocalypse
Picture: FX

18) And standing at the threshold is…

It looks like Michael Langdon is going to be a HUGE thorn in the Coven's side.

Michael Langdon Satan AHS Apocalypse
Picture: FX

19) MISTY DAY!!!

There's no important detail here that you missed other than the fact that she's back from the dead, she's somehow in the bunker (is that the bunker??) and she looks really nice.

Misty Day in AHS Apocalypse
Misty Day in AHS Apocalypse. Picture: FX

20) Here he is... Michael Langdon. But notice the outfit that he’s wearing.

It's very Coven-y, huh? More on that in a sec.

AHS Michael Langdon
Picture: FX

21) Oh, it turns out he's a warlock!

Well well well, the anti-Christ has special powers, can you believe? It also looks like he's appearing in front of a new witch council too... Or Warlock council, if you will. Is this a new male Coven? Are they recruiting? Is Michael pretending to be a warlock so he can infiltrate?

Billy Porter and Cheyenne Jackson are also part of the panel at the desk, which means their characters are warlocks.

Michael Langdon
Picture: FX


It appears that Michael Langdon is also affiliated with Venable and Ms Meade (or just Ms Meade, at least) and unless his hair grows SUPER FAST SUPER QUICK, it looks like they’re going to be in that underground bunker for quite a few years...

Also... SATAN? Could this bunker actually be the gateway to Hell? Like, actual Hell? Is everyone dead?

Kathy Bates in AHS Apocalypse
Picture: FX

23) That bunker doesn't look explosion proof at all...

We could be wrong but it looks like Michael is staring right at Billie Lourd's character as the explosion goes off at the end of that trailer... you can just about make out her pinafore uniform and glasses.

AHS Apocalypse
Picture: FX


AHS: Apocalypse airs on Wednesday September 12 on FX.