The First Teaser For "AHS: Apocalypse" Just Dropped And It Looks So GOOD

6 August 2018, 19:43

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

The brand new trailer features an evil baby, a nuclear blast and lots of references to the occult.

IT'S HERE! Your first look at American Horror Story: Apocalypse has arrived in the shape of a teaser trailer and it's equal parts terrifying and absolutely stunning at the same time.

Set to the creepy AF tones of The Rigs' 2015 song 'Devil's Playground', the trailer for the eighth season (aka the Murder House/Coven crossover season) hits you with everything you'd expect to see in a season of AHS entitled 'Apocalypse'.

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The teaser starts with the image of a foetus in a glass timer attached to a black heart - pretty clear that's the infamous anti-Christ baby, huh? It looks like the nuclear and radioactive rumours are true too - there's a HUGE blast that wipes out an entire city which then cuts to two people lying in a crater, one with a gas mask on and the other one either dead or... turned into a radioactive mutant?!

There's also a ton of references to the Coven thanks to all those Pentagrams and throughout the whole thing, that creepy black claw hand that we've been seeing in the new promo images keeps popping up too. Strong anti-Christ vibes there. Strong.

Watch the full teaser below, and try not to lose ya damn minds: