AHS star Angelica Ross' speech explaining institutional racism in US police force goes viral

3 June 2020, 17:33

AHS star Angelica Ross explains why the US police force is intrinsically racist

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Angelica Ross opened up about the history of racism in the US police force in an Instagram live with her American Horror Story co-star Cody Fern.

Angelica Ross has spoken frankly about the racist history of the US police force and how all police officers uphold racism.

Yesterday (Jun 2), Pose actress Angelica Ross took to Instagram Live to have a public conversation with her American Horror Story co-star Cody Fern about racism, the US police force and the Black Lives Matter movement. Their collaborative video comes in the wake of the murder of George Floyd at the hands of a white Minneapolis officer last week (May 25).

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During the video, Angelica Ross explained how the entire US police force is racist and the internet is praising her for it.

AHS star Angelica Ross praised for explaining how the entire US police force is racist
AHS star Angelica Ross praised for explaining how the entire US police force is racist. Picture: Paras Griffin/Getty Images, @codyfern via Instagram

Angelica tells Cody:

"Here's a conspiracy theory I would love all your followers to understand. When I say 'Fuck the police', I mean that shit. Some people are like 'well my cousin so and so, they're a police officer and they're a great person. Listen, great on them, encourage them to find a new career.

"Please understand history and know that the police force was only created once the slaves were freed and they needed to protect white people and white property. For the longest time white people have not been scared of us getting freedom, they've been scared of us wanting revenge on 400 years of all this stuff.

"So you've got these thin-skinned racist folks behind the badge. And they've always been behind the badge. And you've had the KKK behind the badge. So when you've got some young black boy dreaming about one day becoming a cop and getting into the system and changing the system, we have got to educate our people more to understand what a system is.

"So I understand it sounds nice that you want to get in there and do different and change things but this is a system sweetie it was made before you were here and it will continue to go on long well after you are gone so as much as you want to be in the police force and do these things, you can see how many of these 'good' cops are calling out the bad ones."

People immediately took to Twitter to praise Angelica and share her comments. The snippet has since racked up over 3.5 million views on Twitter alone.

It's not just that snippet that people are praising though. The entire 1 hour and 45 minute conversation is being celebrated by fans for the ways in which Angelica eloquently breaks down racism in the US. Head to Cody Fern's IGTV now to watch the full video.