American Horror Story: 1984 just killed off half its characters and fans are losing it (RECAP)

17 October 2019, 12:13

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Episode 5, Red Dawn, ended with nearly everyone in the AHS: 1984 cast dead.

AHS: 1984 is in full swing and no one is safe. American Horror Story season 9, episode 5 ended with most of the cast dead.

It's no secret that American Horror Story likes to kill off key characters when you least expect it. In fact, sometimes you don't even realise they're dead. Violet was a ghost in Murder House long before we found out that she'd taken her own life, Fiona slit Madison's throat in the third episode of Coven, and Queenie made a guest appearance in Hotel only to be immediately slaughtered by James March. Not to mention, Venable poisoning all of Outpost 3 in Apocalypse before Meade shot her.

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1984 is no different. Red Dawn saw the death count at Camp Redwood dramatically increase and the internet is losing it.

Who died in AHS: 1984 last night?

American Horror Story just killed half the characters in 1984 and fans are losing it
American Horror Story just killed half the characters in 1984 and fans are losing it. Picture: FX

Ahead of episode 5, Montana murdered Trevor, Ray was decapitated and Mr. Jingles left Chef Birdie to bleed to death. Now, three more characters have joined their ranks.

After persuading Chet to row across the lake with her to get help, Margaret took him by surprise and drowned him. She then butchered Xavier. Meanwhile, Montana tried desperately to kill Brooke but Brooke stabbed her in self-defence. So, yes. Chet, Xavier and Montana are all dead. RIP messy legends.

That's not all though. Just as Brooke was stabbing Montana, a bus of young children arrived at the camp. Police then came and arrested Brooke. Margaret also lied to the police, saying that Brooke was responsible for killing everyone. The gag of it all.

Thankfully, it looks like all of our faves aren't out of the series yet though; they're now ghosts wreaking havoc on the camp. Think Hotel meets Murder House meets the camping segment of The Parent Trap.

Still, people were not expecting key AHS actors like Cody Fern and Billie Lourde to die so soon and they have thoughts.

Oh and did we mention Brooke had sex with Ray's ghost? It wouldn't be AHS without borderline necrophilia, would it?

Next week is the 100th episode so expect big things and maybe even some cameos from iconic AHS legends ahead.

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