Sarah Paulson will not star in American Horror Story: 1984, according to reports

8 July 2019, 20:35

Will Sarah Paulson be in AHS season 9? According to reports, she will not have a significant role in 1984.

Friends, we have both good news and kinda bad news. The good news is that we're finally getting more and more information about American Horror Story season 9. The kinda bad news is that it sounds like Sarah Paulson will not be starring on the ninth season of the show.

It was previously announced that American Horror Story: 1984 would be returning to our screens on Wednesday September 18th at 10pm on FX. Production for AHS: 1984 is underway and so far, we've only had two cast members confirmed: Emma Roberts and newcomer Olympian Gus Kenworthy.

Both Evan Peters and Billy Eichner have already ruled out their involvement in the new series, both saying that would not be taking part in 1984.

According to Variety, sources have said that Paulson "will not appear in a significant role in the FX anthology series’ upcoming ninth season." Deadline also reports that while she will appear in the season, she will not have a lead role.

Will Sarah Paulson be in AHS season 9?

Is Sarah Paulson in American Horror Story season 9?
Is Sarah Paulson in American Horror Story season 9? Picture: CHRIS DELMAS/AFP/Getty Images

Neither Paulson or her reps are yet to comment on the story but if the news is confirmed, then 1984 will be a season that does not feature either her or Evan Peters, the only two remaining cast members who have appeared in every season, in a major capacity.

The pair have both previously had both major and minor roles in all 8 seasons so far. The past three seasons have also seen Paulson play the main character - Shelby (and Audrey) in Roanoke, Ally in Cult and Cordelia and Venable in Apocalypse. The least amount of time she spent on screen was in Murder House as Billie Dean Howard with three episodes.

Back in March, Peters confirmed that he would sitting a season out following an interview where he opened up how the emotional toll that the show and his characters have taken on him in the past.

But while Paulson might not be appearing as one of her usual powerhouse lead characters, there is of course the possibility that she could return in the form of a cameo or a considerably smaller role, as per Variety's report.

As we know, American Horror Story has always had a knack at pulling off cameos, whether they be huge ones like Jessica Lange returning as Constance Langdon in Apocalypse or secret surprise ones, like Angela Bassett making a brief comeback as Marie Laveau in the same season.

Whatever happens, here's hoping that Paulson is still part of the season in some capacity, whether it be a tiny cameo or even another stint at directing an episode.