Airplane Mode Trailer: Logan Paul Stars Alongside Famous YouTubers In Disaster Movie

30 January 2019, 09:01

It's 2019 and in the era of YouTuber's and social media stars, so it's only fitting the latest trailer to drop is Logan Paul's new disaster movie featuring a whole host of his internet friends.

Logan Paul and the biggest names in the YouTuber and social media world for one of his first venture's of 2019, starring in disaster movie Airplane Mode and the whole thing looks pretty wild.

Logan Paul Says 'Going Gay For A Month' Comments Were A 'Poor Choice Of Words'

The plot is just about millennial as it can get, with a load of internet stars aboard a plane on their way to a social media convention in Australia, with Logan confront his intense fear of flying, when the plane starts to fail, after passengers collectively refuse to place their cellphones in airplane mode.

Logan's brother, Jake Paul also stars in the movie, as well as names such as Casey Neistat, King Bach, Lele Pons, Chloe Bridges, Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, Brittany Furlan, Amanda Cerny, Nick Swardson, Juanpa Zurita, Arielle Vandenberg, Jerome Jarre and Nick Bateman and more.

Logan has already landed himself in hot water and we're only one month in 2019 after he pledged to 'go gay for a month' for 'Men Only March' but apologised for his poor choice of words after LGBT charities criticised him for the offensive comments.

The film will premiere in February at the Mammoth Film Festival in Mammoth Lakes, California.

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