‘OITNB' Viewers Are OBSESSED With Adeola In Season 6

17 August 2018, 18:04

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

We appreciate an icon...

'Orange Is the New Black' is back and as excellent as ever. Six seasons in and the beloved prison drama is still keeping fans entertained. Not only does the show provide some answers as to what happened in the wake of Season 5's riot (justice for Poussey) but it also gives us some major storylines for our faves. For better or worse: Taystee, Blanca and Piper all feature heavily in the series this year.

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That's not all though. Season 6 has also blessed viewers with plenty of new characters to obsess over. Murderous sister duo Carol and Barb have quickly established themselves as two of the show's greatest villains, people are thirsting over the new COs (Stefanovic, Young, Garza) and Daddy is universally loved. Perhaps best of all though, is new inmate Adeola Chinede.

Adeola. Picture: Netflix

Adeola is played by American actress Sipiwe Moyo (How to Be Single). She is one of the women in max where the Litchfield prisoners are taken to in the wake of the riot. She may not take centre stage in Season 6 of OITNB but she literally steals every single scene that she stars in. From her hilarious one-liners to her loveable personality, no one compares to her.

We are yet to find out her official backstory (it's mentioned that she was an evolutionary anthropologist in Lagos, Nigeria) but hasn't stopped people falling in love with her and requesting that she get her own flashback episode in Season 7. Fans love Adeola so much that they have taken to Twitter to praise her.

Here are just a few of the reactions.

Some people are stating facts.


We detect no lies.

Actually a lot of people are stating facts.


We agree.

Others are praising Adeola for how funny she is.


We stan her so much.

Like award-worthy hilarious.


Season 6 was so heavy at times. It needed Adeola.

A couple of fans are petitioning for Adeola to get more screen time next season.


We support this tweet.

In conclusion...