Kylie Jenner Just Hinted At The First Letter Of Her Baby’s Name On Instagram

6 February 2018, 17:06

Kylie Jenner Baby Name 'C'
Picture: Kylie Jenner / Instagram
Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

So it might not be 'Butterfly' after all...

Ever since Kylie Jenner dropped her big baby bombshell on Super Bowl Sunday, the internet has been steady at work, sleuthing for clues in her 11 minute long announcement video, on her Instagram and on the accounts of all her friends and families about the baby's name.

So far, the sleuths have uncovered an alarming amount of butterfly references that appear throughout her 'To Our Daughter' video diary leading many conspiracists to believe that Kylie would be naming her baby daughter 'Butterfly'.

Butterfly motifs on the nursery wall, a custom made butterfly necklace that Kylie wore through the video, her and Travis Scott's matching butterfly tattoos... not to mention he's also got a song called 'Butterfly Effect'.

But hold that thought, my friends, for there has been a twist in this tale. Kylie, who is finally back on Snapchat, has been sharing snaps of all the floral arrangements and gifts that have been sent by her family and there's one that's really stands out from the rest.

Kim and Kanye sent some cute ombre flowers, Rob sent balloons spelling out 'Happy Birthday' but Khloe... Khloe sent a huge display of flowers in the shape of the letter 'C.'

C is for...

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Oh, interesting. Why would someone sent you a floral arrangement in the shape of a 'C'. Is it because your baby's name begins with... a 'C'?!

Thanks to this sudden turn of events, fans are now reconfiguring their baby name sweepstakes. Butterfly is still seemingly on the table but others are now suggesting names that begin with a C and there seems to be one clear front runner...


Some have suggested Caterpillar, because they turn into Butterflies later in life... 🙄

CHYNA?! She wouldn't dare...

Some have suggested Candy, which was Kylie's childhood nickname and the name of one of her lip kits.

Callippe? What about Calista? Cali for short?

Despite the massive alphabetical clue sent in by Aunty Koko, some people are still convinced that the baby's name would be Mariposa or Posie for short. Mariposa is Spanish for "butterfly"... her beloved grandma is called Mary Jo... flowers come in a posy... Kylie just dropped a brand new collection of Posie K lipkits on the same day as the baby was born... BUT WHO KNOWS?! Maybe the 'C' was a decoy?

Guess we'll just have to wait and see...