13 Daily Struggles That Only Night People With Early Alarms Will Understand (Listen Up Roman!)

21 April 2017, 15:20 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Harry Styles

This one we are dedicating to our new breakfast presenter, Roman Kemp. Enjoy the transition from your evening show to the breakfast shift Ro.

Is there anything worse than the sound of your dreaded alarm going off in the mornings? Particularly if you have an iPhone… that sound… my god, it haunts us. 

Seriously though, if we ever hear that ring during the day, we literally shudder.

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But what’s worse than the alarm is when you’re a night owl having to get up early… normally for work. So, to those people who get up with a spring in their step looking flawless and out of a Hollywood movie, we salute you and hate you in equal measure.

1. When you wake up in the mornings and you feel like the world might end because you’re that tired. 

Must. Sleep. Immediately.

2. You spend a good 10 minutes trying to work out whether you actually have to go to work at all.

Can I not call in sick? No one would know I was up until 4am…

Oh, crap. I tweeted at 4am saying that I was binge watching Pretty Little Liars. 

3. The second you get out of bed, you want to go back to bed. 

What's my relationship status? Well, I’m in a really committed relationship with my bed. 

4. Your bed is always the most comfortable when you have to get up. 

Why couldn’t bed be this welcoming at 3am when I was attempting to go to bed? 

5. You make the mistake of trying to check your phone as soon as you wake up.  

And your eyes feel like you’ve just gone 10 rounds with Mike Tyson. 


6. You legit don’t have time to care about yourself, your wellbeing or your general health or appearance in the morning. 

NO. I don’t care that I haven’t brushed my hair and NO, I don't care that I couldn’t be bothered to take my make-up off last night. 


7. You always make plans to do healthy things in the mornings. 

See that 5am alarm? I set that so I could attempt to go to the gym before work. 

See this? This is a WhatsApp message that I sent to my BFF at 4am when I couldn’t sleep BECAUSE I’M SUCH A NIGHT PERSON. 

8. And don’t even begin to talk to us about the commute. 

SERIOUSLY THOUGH, can you move the F down the carriage?! 

9. The little glimmer of hope on the rare occasion that you can blame your lateness on something other than your unnatural attachment to your bed. 

aka a tube strike. amiright?

10. You have to constantly remind parents, partners, friends, colleagues and just people in general not to talk to you before you’ve had any form of caffeine. 

Seriously, IDGAF what you did at the weekend until I’m at least three cups of coffee in, k?

11. You regularly consider starting a petition to ban all meetings before 11am.

Who the hell wants to sit in a boardroom at 9am anyway!?

12. Caffeine is your best friend. 

No one understands you like coffee does. 

13. And the struggle finally comes to an end at the weekend. 

Weekends are your favourite not because you have exciting plans but because you can spend ALL. DAY. IN. BED. 

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