A TikTok Ghost Has Gone Viral & Is Seriously Freaking Out The Internet

2 October 2019, 15:18 | Updated: 2 October 2019, 15:49

A Tik Tok ghost is terrifying the internet
A Tik Tok ghost is terrifying the internet. Picture: Tik Tok: tiengerines/ Getty Images

A girl posted a TikTok of her dancing but a very sinister figure spotted in the background has got people and celebs all kind of freaked out.

As TikTok of a girl dancing in her kitchen has gone viral for all the wrong reasons- and it isn't for her moves- there's a seriously unsettling dark figure that runs through the background of the video leading many, including famous faces, to conclude it's a ghost.

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When @tiengarines posted a video of herself dancing to Chance The Rapper's 'GRoCERIES', as she often does to the video sharing page, she realised upon watching back that an unexplained and seriously creepy small, dark figure dashes onto the landing behind her.

Tweeting out that she was spooked by the video, it's now been viewed 6.7 million times, and even Chance The Rapper got in on the action, retweeting the TikTok saying, "Ay its a ghost up there".

Dark figure in girls TikTok is terrifying people on Twitter
Dark figure in girls TikTok is terrifying people on Twitter. Picture: TikTok @tiengarines

Twitter quickly got chatting about the figure and had some genuinely hilarious responses to the spirit's seemingly casual presence in her home, with someone saying "terrifying, mans walked by like he owned the place" and another hilariously replying, "probably did at one point lmao", and honestly, it's a fair point.

Twitter responds to the TikTok ghost
Twitter responds to the TikTok ghost. Picture: Twitter

Interestingly enough, not many people were calling BS on the video, but rather letting the girl in the video know she needs to get some sage in to cleanse the house, or, laughing along with the ghost.

We're just sitting back and looking at TikTok bringing the paranormal world with ours together, kinda nice really!

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