People Are Revealing Which Pop Culture Reference Has Ruined Their Name Forever

1 October 2019, 16:10

Which viral trend has ruined your first name?
Which viral trend has ruined your first name? Picture: Twitter

A viral Twitter has seen people get some pretty heavy stuff of their chest, specifically, which pop culture moment has *ruined* their first name... and there are a lot.

The internet is a wonderful thing, bringing together iconic, touching and funny moments together for all to see- but there is a darker side to this, of course, as people have just revealed in a viral thread all about the one pop culture moment that ruined their first name forevermore.

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And there are some classics...

Asked by Jesse McLaren, on Twitter, 'What piece of pop culture has ruined your first name', the replies varied from the hilarious to the down right tragic, and NGL, we're all probably guilty of cracking the exact same jokes to people with these names.


We feel especially bad for anyone called Karen, because there isn't just one, but two very famous pop culture references that have spanned over fifteen years, haunting the unfortunately named women of the world.

The first, of course, being 'God Karen, you're so stupid' from Amanda Seyfried's dim character in the 2004 film Mean Girls, and has taken on new life since the internet invented memes things changed forever.

Now, 'Karen' has become slang for an antagonistic and entitled woman very much associated with the 'I want to talk to the manager' haircut, which also explains why an actual tropical storm (named Karen) is being widely ridiculed.

Tropical storm Karen is being mocked by the internet
Tropical storm Karen is being mocked by the internet. Picture: Twitter @Bryan_KnowsBest

Damn Daniel

Perhaps the most famous name-based meme on the internet, poor ol' Daniel got absolutely rinsed, every day, by his pal with a phrase that has become as well known as can be, if only he'd have changed his Vans.

"Daaaaaamn Daniel, back at it again with the WHITE VANS?"

We sincerely apologise to every Daniel in our lives, because we are 100% guilty of doing this, even in 2019.

Happy Birthday Miranda

This video went viral after one half of X Factor's Jack and Jack recorded it from their Facebook live, and it blew up from being, well, hilarious.

It features a couple, drinking champagne up the Shard (in LONDON), and wishing their good pal Miranda a very happy birthday (from the Shard, in London).

In the words of Jack Remmington, "Sorry to any Mirandas out there."

Elsewhere, there's a married couple out there called 'Zach and Cody', the poor souls, and there were also some very remorseful parents that had decided to name their kid 'Alexa'.

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