QUIZ: Are You More Little Mix's Perrie Edwards Or Pennywise From 'It'?

24 October 2018, 10:04

Pennywise Perrie Edwards

It's the quiz you never knew you needed until now.

Everyone loves Little Mix. At this point, that's basically a cold, hard fact. But, you know, there are some other unsung heroes in this day and age that get overlooked at times...such as that creepy ass clown Pennywise from 'It'.

Who wouldn't idolise a weird dude in make up who hangs around in the sewers amirite? He hands out balloons to people, that's a nice trait to have!

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Still want to be like Perrie more than Pennywise? Well, why not take this quiz and find out the true answer...


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If you got Pennywise, it's time to cheers yourself up with some 'Reggaeton Lento (Remix)'.