Louis Tomlinson Has Incredible Week Thanks To Fans Who Celebrate 'Defenceless' Hitting Chart

8 February 2021, 14:50 | Updated: 18 August 2022, 15:51

Louis Tomlinson fans have given the singer an incredible week
Louis Tomlinson fans have given the singer an incredible week. Picture: PA/ Twitter

Louis Tomlinson has fans to thank for an amazing week as they not only get one of his 'Walls' tracks charting but they get some of the singer's best qualities trending on Twitter!

Louis Tomlinson has truly got himself an incredible fanbase who have been dominating Twitter trends with things like 'Louis Tomlinson wonderful' and 'respectful' as they also celebrate landing his track 'Defenceless' into the top 40 chart.

Yup, they may just be the busiest fanbase out there as the former One Direction singer hits the trending bar for a variety of reasons, most just about how 'wonderful' and 'respectful' he is.

Louis Tomlinson's 'Defenceless' Lyrics Explained & Meaning

Thousands of tweets flood to Twitter from fans praising the singer, not only for his music but for generally being a great guy, so much so, they had Louis trending!

This is aside from all the hard work they've put in to help his music get the recognition it deserves.

A track from his debut album, 'Walls' became an instant hit with fans when he performed it for the first time at the Coca Cola Music Experience Festival in Madrid back in September 2019.

The huge reaction from fans was something even the former One Direction singer admitted he didn't see coming, acknowledging "fans, for whatever reason, really took to the song."

The song shot up the UK chart to land at number 32 in The Official Big Top 40 and Louis joined fans on Twitter celebrating the win.

Louis' fanbase reminds us never to underestimate the power of the fandom and all the good they can achieve!

Great work, guys.

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