Inside HRVY's Luxury Kent Home With Supercar & Giant Designer Wardrobe

28 October 2020, 16:34

HRVY's given a house tour of his luxury family home he shares with his parents and brother and we have serious home, wardrobe and car envy.

HRVY has shown fans inside his swanky family home complete with giant designer wardrobe, wildly expensive sports car and plaques celebrating the 'Mama' singer's musical milestones.

Given the singer had to publicly ask fans to stop showing up to his home in 2019, we're feeling grateful the star has delved into his home and shown us what he gets up to in his daily life!

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HRVY gives a tour of his luxury family home
HRVY gives a tour of his luxury family home. Picture: Instagram @hrvy

Where does HRVY live?

21-year-old HRVY lives in his family home in Kent with his mum, dad and two older brothers.

The detached house is on a leafy road and comes with a substantial driveway, large, spacious garden and a whole lot of room indoors.

Not only is the artist living his pop star dream, but he's got a pretty kushty living situation being under his parents roof, serious goals.

HRVY's musical plaque corner

HRVY shows off his musical plaques at home
HRVY shows off his musical plaques at home. Picture: Ticketmaster

His parents, proud as could be of their son who has a whole music career by the age of 21, have dedicated a corner of their home to the Strictly star, mounting his plaques on the wall and displaying his magazine covers on the side tables.

"Over here is 'The HRVY Corner' my mum calls it."

"There's a magazine of me there, here are some of my plaques for my song, Personal."

A humble guy, we sure his mum wouldn't have been quite so dismissive of all his achievements!

HRVY's huge wardrobe was designed by his dad

HRVY shows off his enormous wardrobe organised by his dad
HRVY shows off his enormous wardrobe organised by his dad. Picture: Ticketmaster

The 'Younger' star has a seriously extensive, colour-coded wardrobe that's packed full of designer clobber and the best part is, it was all sorted out by his own dad!

The singer reveals: "This is my clothes rack, shout out to my Dad for making this all look great because I never did this."

"He put it in colour coordination."

"I've got so many clothes, I give them away to a lot of charities."

"My room is never nice, it's always messy like this."

We love both his huge array of clothes, and his honesty about a messy room and it's making us feel a whole lot better about our own.

HRVY has a seriously expensive car

HRVY shows off his hundred grand super car
HRVY shows off his hundred grand super car. Picture: Ticketmaster

Unsurprisingly, the pop star has treated himself to a seriously flashy ride, a £115,000 BMW i8 to be exact.

The hybrid sports car goes from 0-60 mph run in 4.2 seconds and during the tour the singer popped the 'suicide doors' to give everyone a sense of just how glamorous his wheels are.

Up until this point, we were getting semi-normal vibes from HRVY, but he's convinced us he really has reached pop star status!

HRVY proudly shows off his family dog
HRVY proudly shows off his family dog. Picture: Ticketmaster

Elsewhere, HRVY shows off his adorable family lap dog, Bear, the TV that emerges from his double bed at the touch of a button and his enormous kitchen.

He even goes full MTV Cribs and shows us inside his fridge, although he admits he doesn't often eat out of it, as he is a pop star after all- he goes out to eat, thank you very much!

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