Glastonbury Festival 2020: Rumoured Line-Up From Taylor Swift To The 1975

15 October 2019, 10:56 | Updated: 15 October 2019, 11:06

All the Glastonbury 2020 line-up rumours
All the Glastonbury 2020 line-up rumours. Picture: Getty Images

Glastonbury Festival 2020 is no ordinary event, it's the 50th anniversary since it started so there's going to be an even bigger line-up than usual- and here's everyone rumoured to be playing.

Now all the drama of bagging a ticket to the 50th anniversary of Glastonbury Festival is done and dusted (until the April resale), we can get down the important part of trying to work out just who will be on the line-up for the 50th anniversary celebrations- and it promises to be huge.

The Huge Clue Taylor Swift's 'Lover' Tour Is Headed To Glastonbury 2020

They've already thrown a major curveball announcing Diana Ross in the Sunday legend slot- which no one saw coming, and now, Emily Eavis has confirmed Fleetwood Mac- the most heavily rumoured band- won't be at the 2020 event at all!

Diana Ross

Diana Ross is the first act announced for Glastonbury 2020
Diana Ross is the first act announced for Glastonbury 2020. Picture: Getty Images


Well well well, what can we say?! It was an announcement no one saw coming, but the iconic 'I'm Coming Out' singer has been confirmed for the legend's slot on the Sunday- played last year by Kylie Minogue.

People are delighted by the announcement, and Glastonbury has proved once again you really can't predict who they're going to put on the line-up!

Taylor Swift

All signs are kind of pointing toward Tay Tay taking to the stage for their 50th anniversary, after she announced a festival tour in the summer of 2020 and left a very noticeable gap over Glastonbury weekend- the Sunday to be precise- 24th-28th June.

The 'Lover' singer has revealed she wanted to perform her seventh album in a festival setting, as it's what suits the vibe of the record, and as one of the biggest artists on the planet who is yet to take to the iconic Pyramid stage, we're thinking the dots are connecting and it's a strong probability she'll be there.

She also fits the festival's vibe- she plays the guitar and piano, and of course, would have a host of of artists to call in favours with and bring them out on stage!

The 1975

The 1975 say they'll be at Glastonbury 2020
The 1975 say they'll be at Glastonbury 2020. Picture: PA

A Glastonbury favourite and one of the biggest bands in the UK right now, Matt Healy has pretty much confirmed the 'Love It If We Made It' band will be at the 2020 festival come what may.

He told Beats 1: "I’ll be at Glastonbury [2020]...whether we headline it or not, who knows? If I ever am headlining Glastonbury, then everyone’s going to have to be on guard for a year, so that I don’t completely lose my mind."

The band are known for putting on amazing live shows, thinking outside the box and bringing a political message to their set, which of course, fits with the activist roots of the the whole event.

Spice Girls

Having recently wrapped up a UK arena tour, Mel B, Mel C, Emma Bunton and Geri Halliwell have been reminded of what it's like to perform in front of thousands of fans, and we know at least one member of the pop group is 100% down for the festival.

Mel B revealed in September she and her bandmates had met with Victoria Beckham to discuss Glasto, and even told fans: "We are definitely signed on board to do that. All five of us, yes."

Kylie took the Sunday legends slot in 2019, and there seems to be a big Spice Girls shaped hole for next year, and who knows, maybe Posh Spice will even be joining them- iconic.

Ariana Grande

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The superstar has never played the iconic music festival, so could she be following in BFF Miley Cyrus's enormous footsteps after her sizzling 2019 Pyramid stage set?

Ari has headlined enormous festivals including Coachella and Lollapalooza in the last year, so it could be time for her to turn her sights to the UK for her next, and Emily Eavis, the organiser, has favoured booking big pop acts in recent times, so it definitely isn't out of the question.

Seeing as the 26-year-old is at the top of her game right now, having released two albums in the space of a year and embarking on a world tour, snatching a GRAMMY for the Best Pop Vocal album, this could be a better time than ever.

Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney played Glastonbury Festival in 2004
Paul McCartney played Glastonbury Festival in 2004. Picture: Getty Images

The legend has played Glastonbury before, back in 2004, where he played a mixture of The Beatles' music and his solo material and has spoken about the possibility of returning for the 50th anniversary, however, he remained hesitant, calling it a 'remote possibility.'

His catalogue of iconic songs are perfect for the festival setting, with big hits including 'Hey Jude', and The Beatles classics 'Here Comes The Sun' and 'Penny Lane' to name a few.

When he spoke about it being a possibility, he also asked the BBC journalist he told to 'not make a big deal' out of what he'd said.

It looks like they may have made a slightly big deal out of it- but who can blame them!

Fleetwood Mac


Fleetwood Mac have been rumoured for Glastonbury 2020
Fleetwood Mac have been rumoured for Glastonbury 2020. Picture: PA

One of the most hotly rumoured bands to be playing, Fleetwood Mac have famously declined to perform on many occasions before, with Michael Eavis saying they are asking for too much money and will need to 'lower their price' should they be put onto the 50th anniversary bill.

Despite Mick Fleetwood dropping a pretty big hint they still had a 'pretty big field' to play and made a reference to a 'rained out festival in England', Emily Eavis has told everyone to 'forget about it', confirming they won't be on the line-up!

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