The Latest Gen Z Millenial TikTok Test Involves How You Part Your Hair

11 February 2021, 17:00 | Updated: 18 August 2022, 15:51

Gen Z and millennials debate how to part your hair
Gen Z and millennials debate how to part your hair. Picture: TikTok @jenn_aedo/ @madskincare

Gen Z has officially labelled a side parting a millennial trait and plenty of people are confused.

The latest TikTok trend to separate the Gen Z'ers from Millennials is to see what way people part their hair and we're sincerely sorry to announce the death of the side parting.

It's done, over, deemed not cool and has the whole of TikTok backing it.

So, go grab a comb ASAP and get those curtains back in.

Unless you'd like to join the revolt...

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Gen Z are claiming middle partings make you look young and are the default hair style that suit everyone.

Many are now filming themselves switching over their parting to the middle to try and prove they cannot pull off the style which, if you have bangs, makes you 50% more resemble Titanic Leonardo DiCaprio, no shade.

While some remain committed to the side parting life, others are having a drastic change of heart and joining the middle parting squad.

Others are proudly rocking skinny jeans and a side part as a matter of principal from this point on.

If you want to keep on trend, it seems simple enough right?

Sorry, it doesn't end there, as the side parting isn't the only thing come under fire, skinny jeans are very much getting it in the neck, as is anyone using the crying laughing emoji in basically any context.

It's all about the genuine weeping emoji, or the skull, duh guys.

Many self-confessed millennials are also pointing out the middle parting is a staunchly 90s trend which seems to simply be making a comeback, like many other 90s styles, like flared jeans (because death to the skinny jean, and everything).

So really, millennials were pioneers of the MP during their childhood and teenage years.

It's kind of confusing, we admit, we're just trying to keep you guys informed.

Oh- and one more thing, hot coffee is out, cold brew is in.

But you knew that already... right?

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