6 Curveball Conversation Restarters Sure To Re-Ignite Your Chat

1 March 2021, 00:00 | Updated: 1 March 2021, 15:37

We've got you sorted to crank that conversation back up
We've got you sorted to crank that conversation back up. Picture: Bumble

The year is 2021, your chat has gone stale, but fear not- we've got the perfect opening lines to re-spark that conversation you're wishing never tailed off so you can get your dating life back on track...

Dating has gone almost completely digital and with that comes a whole new set of skills required to master the art of selling your best self to a potential match and have some much-needed fun.

Bumble has found that people are more responsive in the winter months, and as we're all spending more time indoors, they're encouraging everyone to make the first move and start, (or re-start) conversations with potential love interests now!

Sometimes a chat can arrive at a dead end and you're not even sure why- but fear not, all is not lost!

All you need is a fresh topic and if you're completely out of ideas after having, let's be honest, not a whole lot going on right now, you've come to the right place!

Dig into this list of fun re-opening lines to get that conversation flying again.

Don't worry- we've got you!

Bumble is here to help you navigate through lockdown and make dating exciting again
Bumble is here to help you navigate through lockdown and make dating exciting again. Picture: Bumble

Rank your most basic lockdown activities!

*Enter banana bread*

There's nothing more joyful than discussing all the identical trends we've succumbed to recently, so why not hold a basic-off to see who will take the crown?

It's funny, self-deprecating and extremely relatable, so we reckon your chances of getting a response to this one are pretty strong?!

You could find yourselves doing interactive yoga sessions or learning TikTok choreography with each other in no time at all!

Are you free on April 23rd 2022 for a coffee?

Heck, make it 2023 at this point.

Propose the most outlandish date to your virtual match and no doubt you can spark up a conversation about all the completely normal things you both dream of doing later down the line.

Because who doesn't enjoy fantasising about being able to go to the gym, a pub or even a café, right?!

Get that date 18 months down the line pencilled in your diaries now!

Bumble's found people are more responsive in colder, winter months!
Bumble's found people are more responsive in colder, winter months! Picture: Bumble

Since we last spoke I've undergone a drastic lockdown haircut, please see the attached.

There's nothing, and we mean nothing funnier than a dodgy haircut we've almost all endured this past year.

So why not use these once-in-a-lifetime results to put some new life into a stalling chat?

Even if you don't see yourself as a particularly funny person, we're promising you that jagged fringe or reluctant bowl cut will do the talking for you.

If you're lucky enough to get one swung back your way it just may be the cutest 2021 meet cute of all time?!

Wait, is this you?

It's time to make like a celebrity posting a statement and open the notes app.

You'll have to get a little creative with this one, collect a little list of qualities about the person you're trying to re-connect with and send it over to them.

It's flattering, funny and light hearted and TBH who could resist messaging back to something so adorable?

We'd date us.

I've found this incredible pizza place, it looks exactly like your kitchen, fancy trying it out? (video chat pizza night)

Take the next step onto a video call with a pizza party!
Take the next step onto a video call with a pizza party! Picture: Bumble

Yep, it's time to video call.

To give the virtual 'face-to-face' a little more structure, why not propose a pizza/sushi/whatever-your-heart-desires making session, whether that's creating them from scratch or (what we'd admittedly choose) just putting the toppings on!

This is a great way to take control of your interactive date with the very important added bonus of both getting to eat pizza at the end of it.

It will also be a crucial moment in seeing which of you puts pineapple on their pizza, because we all know it be a deal breaker.

Lost for words? Song lyrics are the way forward!

Whether it's eventually a 'thank u, next' or a 'you know that you're my soulmate', you'd be hard pressed to find someone who doesn't love a lyric being thrown their way to get the conversation flowing.

It's a light hearted and pretty fool proof ice breaker and can definitely help ease the nerves of re-igniting a chat, because hey, it's not you saying it, it's Ariana Grande, duh!

There's a lyric out there for everything you want to say and you can get a better idea of someone's music taste which, let's be honest, is a vital part of a potential match!

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