Prove How Well You Know Chris & Olivia With Our 'Who Said What?' Quiz

14 March 2018, 15:18 | Updated: 16 May 2018, 16:25

Chris & Olivia

Chris & Olivia have launched their own reality show for ITVBe 'Chris & Olivia: Crackin On' and now we need you to tell us which of our favourite duo said these incredible quotes...

So ITVBe have launched the brand new show 'Chris & Olivia: Crackin On', which gives us a fly-on-the-wall look at the pair's relationship shortly after the couple left the Love Island villa.

Whilst we've seen much of their lives broadcast across the media and on their social media accounts, we're still not convinced that people really know the pair, so we're putting you to the test.

> Chris Hughes "Compared Olivia Attwood's Looks To A Rat After Storming Off Set"

Jump into our surprisingly difficult quiz below and prove that you're the biggest expert on Chris & Olivia's relationship by telling us exactly who said what!

Was Olivia "not 100% buzzing"about moving in with Chris or was it the other way round? Talking about the days after they moved in, who said "I got the hoover out once"?

Get 100% on our quiz and prove you've been paying attention this whole time...

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ITVBe's Crackin' On with Chris & Olivia continues on Wednesday 14th March at 10PM.

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