These 9 Halloween Make-Up Tutorials Will Either Make You Look Flawless Or Scare The Life Outta You...

27 October 2018, 11:27

Halloween Make-Up Tutorials

Anyone could wear some tacky horns or wave about a witch's broomstick. But can they do this?!

Think of all of the horrific, gruesome Halloween movies you've ever seen. The special effects were the reason that you had to sleep with your trusty nighty-night blanket with all the lights on. (Surely that wasn't just us, was it?)

Well, those SFX ain't got NOTHING on what you can do to make your face look horrifying... That may have come out wrong.

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Using nothing but the make-up you've got, you can transform yourself into the living dead (and still look pretty damn FOINE while doing it!)

Sonny Jay & Jimmy Hill's Spooky Look

Capital's very own Sonny & Jimmy got a load of the Halloween treatment... so much so it kinda spooked'em out! 

Pixellated Face

If you're prone to rubbing your eyes, then this one definitely isn't for you. Likewise, if you're prone to headaches, maybe look away from this optical illusion. 

Stitched-Up Mouth

It straight up looks TERRIFYING but - and this is our favourite part of the whole costume - you can still eat! Is it wrong we like food that much?


See. You can look gorgeous and slightly hairy at the same time. Plus, you should probably watch this tutorial for the dance moves at the end, alone.

Queen of the Dead

Most of these tutorials we can get through easily, but we are legit creeped out by this one. So it would be rude not to freak out your mates with it too, wouldn't it?

Trippy Double Vision

The YouTuber who posted this warned viewers that watching it can actually hurt your head. Meanwhile, on a totally unrelated matter, our heads hurt.

Missing Eyes

From having too many eyes, to having none. We didn't want to sleep anyway, so the joke's on you.


The YouTuber, pollyanne b, still looks so glam... Even with her flesh rotting off of her face. 'The Walking Dead' wouldn't be as terrifying in it if everyone was Polly.


This couldn't look any cooler if it tried. We've put on at least eight or nine on our faces already. The only issue now? How do you take it off?! HELP.

So there you have it - you can actually pull of these terrifying looks pretty easily. Heck, we're considering doing it every single day; it just looks too cool.

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