A Seriously Talented Make-Up Artist Has Turned Herself Into Film Characters & It's Perfect For Halloween

27 October 2018, 11:28


Outfit for Halloween = sorted.

Halloween is just days away, so if you're anything like us, you're still PANICKING about what to wear and running out of time by the second.


Well, we think we might be able to help. 

When scrolling through our Instagram feeds, we came across something seriously terrifying… in the form of the artwork by Face & Body Painter, Natalie. 

This seriously talented lady turns herself into a different famous film characters on a regular basis but rest assured, these are not your average characters. 

From Cruella DeVille to the Lion King and right back to Maleficent and Spider-Man, anyone who is anyone from the film world is being transformed into scary AF Halloween inspo. 

You are welcome. 

Lion King Halloween Make-Up

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