11 Wi-Fi Names You Wish You’d Thought Of Yourself

11 June 2018, 16:56 | Updated: 18 August 2022, 15:51

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People have no chill these days and have turned naming for their wi-fi into something of a sport, from the punny, to the down right genius, take a peek at these cracking wifi names you wish you thought of...

It's 2018, wi-fi is well and truly a staple in all of our lives and with the freedom for people to tailor their wi-fi names to whatever they choose, we have taken naming their beloved internet connection's to new levels, with a trend of finding the punniest or most outrageous wifi name they can possibly think of well under way.

We have found some of the most iconic wi-fi names that will make you mad you didn't think of it first!

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So... many...iconic...puns


 Picture: Twitter

Picture: Twitter 

And it gets punnier...

True love is a good internet connection.

These students take the wi-fi name game VERY serious

This has turned into a college sport, and we approve on every level.

 The people out there who take pleasure out of trolling the world... 

Picture: Getty 

Is it genuinely only us that has been tricked by this before?

This guy who's trying his luck on love on every level...

Very slick. Very slick indeed.

Using it as a tool bring you 'closer' to that neighbour you never talk to...

Picture: Twitter
 We get the feeling this person is a little conflicted about their emotions... put it in the wi-fi, hunny.

And finally, spreading your truth to the world 

Let us also take a moment to appreciate the iconic Game Of Thrones quote snuck in a little further down the wifi list. Iconic.

Picture: GIPHY

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