18 Tweets That Prove This Year's #CapitalSTB Goes Down As The Most Memorable In History

10 June 2017, 22:45

CapitalSTB Tweets

If you needed any more proof that the #CapitalSTB is the biggest party on the planet then here it is.

Liam Payne's first major live performance? CHECK. Little Mix's Jesy debuting her pink hair for the first time? CHECK! 23 of the biggest artists on the planet descending on Wembley Stadium for one night only? CHECK!

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Let's just say there was a reason why the #CapitalSTB was trending all day...

1. James Arthur gave us a glimpse at what it's really like to walk out on stage in front of 80K people!

2. Stormzy was genuinely living his ultimate dream.

3. Marvin Humes tracked Niall Horan down backstage & happiness ensued.

4. Jesy Nelson debuted her new pink hair & it was EVERYTHING.

5. Roman Kemp got engaged not only to Zara Larsson...

6. ...but also Dua Lipa...

7. ...and....Niall (look at their happy faces!).

8. The QUEENS Little Mix completely bossed the red carpet obv.

9. Charlie Puth declared his time on stage as one of the most insane moments in his entire LIFE!

10. Shawn Mendes turned 80,000 #CapitalSTB fans into his personal choir.

11. 5 After Midnight couldn't have been any more ready for their big ball debut!

12. Dua Lipa lost ALL chill when it came to Bruno Mars' opening set.

13. Perrie Edwards did this...

14. Niall's analysis of the whole day: Everything was just PERFECT!

15. Craig David surprised every single one of us in the stadium (including us btw).

16. It wasn't just the crowd that got hyped for Little Mix...the security guards were too!

17. Liam Payne teased his Zedd collaboration like it was nbd.

18. And finally, Little Mix slayed.

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